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The Zell Miller Scholarship for a Single Mother is a program designed to help single mothers who want a higher education. The name Zell comes from the famous singer by the same name. The Scholarship for a Single Mother Program was created by former Georgia Governor Zell Miller as an instrumental part of the economic stimulus package that was later passed by the state legislature. The original intent was to stimulate the economy and help stimulate the job market, but the program has evolved into something much more than that today.
For those interested in this scholarship, you have to be a U.S. citizen, or a legal resident alien having standing to receive a high school diploma in order to apply. You also must meet the following requirements: be a high school senior who has not dropped out; be a high school senior having an interest in attending college or technical/vocational school; have not enrolled in college or vocational school for more than five full years; and have not been admitted to any college or university. Zell Miller Scholarship for a Single Mother does not require any other prerequisite for enrollment. There is no fee involved for the application either. However, if you are still considering applying to the Zell Miller Scholarship, you may want to look at the requirements of other scholarships such as those offered by the State Department of Education. The Department of Education requires applicants to: meet federal poverty guidelines; be American Indian or a Alaska Native; participate in the Selective Service; and have not earned a bachelor degree or a professional degree from an accredited educational institution.
Applications for Georgia’s Hope Scholarship Program may be viewed online at the official website of the Georgia State Board of Trustees. You may receive a prompt email that will contain all of the required information. This program is designed to encourage single mothers to pursue higher education.
A memorial scholarship is available for college students in the name of a recently deceased student. Students who were graduating with an Associate’s degree will have an opportunity to select a college or university on which to complete a graduate degree. If you have been awarded this scholarship previously, you may select a college that was in your field of choice when you received your award. You will need to complete the appropriate paperwork in order to be eligible to apply again. An application can be downloaded from the official site, or you may contact the Zell Miller Scholarship Program directly to download the application.
Prospective students must meet all program eligibility requirements before being considered for any award. Students who do not meet the qualifications for admittance into a college or university will not likely receive an award. Students who have already been awarded a Zell Miller Scholarship or another worthy scholarship cannot transfer to a new school without fulfilling other eligibility requirements. Many students become disappointed at the lack of scholarship opportunities after graduation. They then pursue supplemental grants and scholarships offered by state and national agencies. Hope scholarship and the Scholls scholarship programs are examples of private foundation scholarships that need to be pursued in order to increase a student’s chance of receiving an award.
Students who are considered low income will also have a more difficult time qualifying for the Hope Scholarship. The qualification requirements are income based, which means that low income students who do not have the financial means to meet the general educational requirements are often left out of Dreams Scholarships programs. For students who qualify, dreams scholarship funds can provide thousands of dollars in free college money. Students who do not achieve adequate funding through traditional scholarships may want to consider obtaining a grant from the government. All grants are awarded on the basis of need, so they should not prevent a student from applying for a scholarship.
Many people use the services of a third-party agency in order to apply for a scholarship. While using a third-party service can be helpful, it may also cause a student to miss out on qualifying for a particular scholarship. Zell Miller Scholarship Services can help a prospective student find scholarship opportunities that specifically pertain to his/her field of study. By using their database, students can identify hundreds of different scholarships that they may qualify for. By taking advantage of a deceased university graduate’s opportunity to fund his/her post-high school education, the future student may receive the boost needed to make the rest of his/her higher education experience successful.
Students who demonstrate strong academic eligibility, athletic ability, and/or high school or home study program excellence will have an even greater advantage over other applicants with less stellar academic records. The Hope Scholarship is one of the few scholarships that provide funds for those outside of the stereotypical academic profile. Those with strong college eligibility but low academic scores may obtain funds that significantly improve their chances for receiving a scholarship. Students interested in pursuing a professional career or those wishing to begin or enhance a college experience should review all of the options available to them in order to obtain the academic eligibility they require to compete.

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