Stop Who are you? Tao is one you do not need to know If you do not want to take a thrashing
, do not interject my story As a kid men
that took up arms again bullying 1 girls game So do not blame me Are you okay? I’m okay She stepped back to let me handle it You guys remember He has been doing okay? I’m okay Stop That was it broke my mouth So how’s the situation? … I have done my job and she delivered So where is my rest? The rest of you here After what is alo me Goodbye Any child here? This is the girl,
I can save from 1 guy hooligan be there Come on you to stand here
go Kids You go downhill Why place so he more weapons? This one, I do not know So why did you bring me here? He feared it not ignore me Should I just gave you about this You and I have known anything different? Why are you so nice to me? Nothing kids Planning How’s happening? Everything was going according
plan our Well, we act alone Kids here every
5 minutes he came back act alone, we have 5 minutes our arsenal here every 5 minutes and the boy This bastard men, dare to outflank us up game dog trick you easier question you guys remember that, I can not ignore what How great go it was another one was under kill it