Boss , Boss What is up ? Why is panic so? Sister boss, Stole the whole document . About our illegal missions and leave this place What you say ? It is true that women . Can not be trusted Guys, what are you waiting for . Bring the body here for me . Yes, We go now This rotten woman. You will know my hand Stop ! Alo ! Alo , Are you xgril group? That’s right, we are the xgril group In my hand Holding all of Alibaba’s illegal
business documents They are after me You must save me. Really. So where are you? They chased me to the abandoned house. You must hurry OK, You let’s go find a place to hide Don’t let them find you Yes, yes We have to go rescue a witness You make me lose my soul Without me, it will kill you Let’s go home Luck proof was found If not got then the boss will kill It is true that life is still large
yet to die Chase Chase Witness, we gotta find her You , you She quickly regained consciousness. Miss , miss She is dead. We could not save her Proof here,We must arrest Alibaba
for the sacrifice