Stop!! This is where XGirl’s weapons are hidden Me and you, Must rob everything See anything? What gun is this? This??? This is… M.E.G.A Definitely a gun MEGA Go out Let’s go Stop Go out!!! Hurry up Run now!!! Stop Why are you come here? im follow you If something happens,im will cover Go out You,Put it down This time,boss will definitely reward us You, go down to guard Elly , Elly , wake up Wake up Is Alibaba bandits Elly Alibaba bandits Had killed Elly And stole our weapons Now,you and me , avenge for Elly And take out weapons Let’s go Xgirl So many good gun And now , What can they do to us? All gun of us in here… You , Xgirl Lost so many gun , still come here? You two killed Elly So , you two will to die So, I will kill you two in here You kill all Okay Candy … I was hit by a bullet Are you okay? Im okay , and i had killed one And one,You let me kill Are you ok? Im okay , and they? I destroy all take our gun and go out