Hi, everybody, here’s a quick update 0.8 overview New game mode is added. And no, it’s not the Recon we’ve been waiting for since 0.4, it’s the community’s suggestion – “Breakthrough” game mode. For some people is better known as “Frontlines”. Same idea here – the attackers must destroy the command points, moving sector by sector there are 4 of them, 2 radio stations in each. Defenders, of course, must prevent this and hold at least 1 of the sectors until the time expires. It is noteworthy that it is possible to destroy the radio station not only by planting a charge on it, but also with explosives, vehicles, or even strikes. But it will take a long time. And now about the disadvantages: Breakthrough battles go 10v10 players, which is why they are not always interesting and tense. Especially considering that there are always at least 2-3 “geniuses-snipers” out of 10 players camping on the edge of the map or at safezone… on the offence side… “DIE B!TCH!!!” And even if there is an intensive fight, it’s just the fault of the next disadvantage – respawns. Often, the defender’s spawnpoints are very close to the control point, which allows them to get back to it within 10 seconds. Sometimes the situation is the opposite – the defender’s spawnpoints are close to the path of the attackers or in the open. In both cases, the gamemode doesnt look like a tactical breakthrough of the front line, but a chaotic massacre in all directions. The infantry HUD has been completely redesigned. It became a little more informative, but in my opinion it takes too much space, looks overloaded and is very distracting. New bombing strike in added – napalm! It hurts, looks beautiful, causes Vietnamese flashbacks In safezones in the Warzone gamemode new vehicle Gepard is added. Its an anti-aircraft self-propelled vehicle based on Leopard. As they say, “a spoon is dear when lunch time is near”, not when the helicopter is nerfed that nobody uses it anymore. So for now AA vehicles are useless. Vertical angles do not allow to use it against ground targets. Although some people are trying in vain to put it on a hill, but even this does not help. So for now the Gepard is useless at all. Perhaps its time has not yet come Killfeed got a headshot kill icon added to it, so you can now stroke your ego with it. Or accuse everybody of being a hacker, saying, “Hes shoooting to hedas evorytime!11! Hes a chetaaaar!111”. That’s familiar, isn’t it?… Added new notifications for… Damn, try to guess what are they for!? What-what did you say, Mr. battle droid? In general, it reports the status of the vehicles on the battlefield. But who listens to it? The number of equipped strikes in a loadout was reduced from 4 to 3. Probably because the interface is too fat and 4 do not fit into it As a result, the update 0.8 is mostly only the Breakthrough gamemode, which is certanly good, but clearly not finished and requires a lot of tweaks. So, the update rating is… 5 notification droids out of 10! And remember, it’s just my opinion which nobody cares about! And your opinion which nobody cares about you can always leave in the comments.