We obviously all care about the
environment and we want to do something about it. So it’s really no choice to
join this strike because this is gonna be one of the largest strikes for
climate justice in history probably the largest one. So it’s kind of like we have
to have our voice heard in Wisconsin. The fact that this one girl decided to
go out and strike by herself one weekend and then it caught all this attention,
it just really empowered me to want to do more. If that one person can do this
much change then I should be able to do something myself in my own community. We didn’t create this mess but now we’ve been forced to clean it up I wouldn’t be
spending all my free time sitting in meetings trying to plan out permits, city
permits, and try to find food vendors. I would be rather hanging out with my
friends and doing normal fun teenage stuff. No one does this for fun we’re
doing this for our survival.