What do you want me to show you?
In your hands, in your hands,
there’s something. Where is it? I haven’t got anything. Just do it.
Stop it. Will… What? Don’t cower like that,
like you’re scared. Where did you put it? Where is it? Do you want a smack again? Is that what you want?
Is that what you want, Will? No, just… Do you want a smack? Lots of us would worry
if we saw a man abusing a woman on the street,
some of us might even intervene. However, what if the tables
were turned and there was a woman abusing a man? So, this is Will. We’re going to test this out
in public and Will is going to start
by being the aggressor, and he’s going to verbally and physically intimidate me. Are you ready for this? I think so. Just show me! Just do that. Hey! Will… Are you all right? Thank you. She’s fine, we just… Well, she’s clearly not fine.
Are you OK? Do you need any help? Yeah, thank you so much. ‘So why did people react
in the way they did?’ I was shocked – I couldn’t believe
this was happening in the middle
of Ealing Broadway, so I walked past her the one time
and she flinched and I thought… ..like, is this really happening?
I carried on walking then I looked back at her and she
must have flinched again I thought, “No, I can’t…
“I can’t walk away from this.” Just pick it up and just hand over. You OK there? Is everything OK? I’m good. Thanks for helping me. She was flinching… And looked scared.
It looked quite abusive. I don’t have anything. Do it, come on. Stop it! Come on, just get in
there and get it. Sorry, but don’t put your hands
on a woman. We’re just having an argument,
that’s all. Are you OK? I know I’m interrupting,
but I’m just saying, are you OK? The way it looked, it looked like
she was expecting to get hit. So, that’s where you’ve sort of…
got to jump in, really. Her body language was so very
obviously uncomfortable that I couldn’t walk past without…
saying something. Tell me! ‘But then…we switched roles.’ Give it to me.
I don’t know where it is. Argh! ‘This woman looks back,
but keeps walking.’ I was surprised, I thought
it was a bit aggressive…. I WANTED to say something,
but then I was just like… No. Look at me. Stop! OK, all right.
Don’t hit, all right? What are you doing? OK… My thought was… he looks a bit soft. I feel bad thinking that,
because it’s a macho view, but I thought he looks a bit soft,
letting her hit him like that. And I had the classic thing
go through my head, “I wouldn’t let a girl hit me,”
and that’s terrible, because… why do I think that? That’s a kind of stereotypical view. I don’t know what he’s done
to upset her, he might have said something really,
really personal, upsetting. ‘A mum and her daughters approach.’ Look at me! Look me in the FACE! ‘And walked straight past.’ The thought did come to my mind to go and say,
“What are you doing to him? “Leave him alone.” So, I thought that the man… I think the man done something
to the woman, like, I don’t know, touched her or something. That’s why she got mad. And that’s why…
Yeah, that’s why she got mad. So you think it could have been his
fault? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Look, I… Do you want a smack?
No! Do you want a smack, Will? What is it? Where is it? If he had been shouting at her, would you have stopped? Yes, I would have.
I would have stopped. Unfortunately, we do have this kind of stereotype that a woman has less power
than a man, but I’ve also unfortunately had
friends who have been in… the reverse, physically abusive
relationships, so it can happen both ways. They didn’t class it as that,
but they have been hit in argument situations, which is
exactly the same thing, but he used to think it was OK because he was a
big, strong guy, it didn’t hurt him. But it’s still physical.
He was very embarrassed about it. In their lifetime, one in six men
will suffer from domestic abuse. The number of women convicted
of domestic abuse went up nearly four times
between 2006 and 2016.