Bonjour guys welcome to a very first FIFA 19 team of the earth back open and as you can see boys running all the screen team of dear finds choice let's check this out bros before we stall this back open as always drop a lock make sure you do subscribe to the channel what is this happened it suppose just twitted that we can choose a 12th player to be in the team of the year and it will release we release all the team of their players over this weekend so make sure you guys good I think for us and see them between minimum open bar but Neymar because bros Nima on this game is a cheat let us know in the comment section who did you guys voted for and of course if you just packed any team of the Year players yes good luck to all of you because this week it will be a madness once again we have finished 8020 squat bar oh no top 100 because it's not worth the run but if you see in each one to Rajapakse 30,000 coins and we have saved up a lot of pads with that rose so Vincent are you ready I'm hella ready boss hopefully you just got lucky today let us know guys in the comments which player you packed why you like you to package him over the year and bros Missy wanna do and pop it those are the four that we can putt tonight I'm not gonna lie to you both if we pack a French chillin and button they all mean the world to me don't mean to work dome in the world of course even if we pack during a time of the year a wooden mallet while the week but that will have a little more value if we can pack a French team of the year and Gordo Conte vihan and ambach gross those will be the free one more like the back of course with every single team over there so guys let's start opening those team of your packs Vincent we have won a lot of draft so we're gonna we're gonna go through them all let's go boys first team of your pabts no bows when are we gonna see a walk outside just be ready just right just be ready for anything happened because Bruce actually don't know what it's like the team out here I'll do I'm guessing that the fire is gonna be blue I mean it's gonna be insane brothers good luck to me to everyone and of course brother Joey no way setting packing no way man whoa whoa whoa whoa we need to chill voice we need picture because if this suite starts like this Wow but we do not work for you we do not work for you yeah whoa what is this man whoa that Connie by surprise I mean the gym of the abruzzo and I brought max fact we start off the opponents in team of their season with bangbros honestly guys this is what you should never buy fifa points we granny those fat two packs in and already an insane workout Wow bro honestly right now I'm really happy because we spend a lot of coins on draft and right now within the first three pack that tsipras we have made our money back come on let's keep opening the spoon couplers pipes order no no no no no no thatthat's fine that's fine dr. Burke come on vamos any favorite player German go deeper than 1000 that's fine but subtract you is worth more than what other than so that's good sirs closer to buy team of the and go lucky because was yes and bad day Missy your honor Devon that could be interesting but the men plan I want to I want to buy I wanna purchase of the market is angular core team of the year and we pack your water please him so don't if you don't expect that you get someone good but if you expect you what you have to get the one that's part of actually is alright as listen is there any favorite place SEC player don't Santos 84 favorite plants Warner Bros their prices are the lowest right now make sure to send into the club and low-key forget about them until these atomic release BC that drops doctor interested yeah exactly right now like with sports just drop the icon strike of panic on SB Sudan so that's the kid always a good thing to know pros eh sports marvelous a ton more prominence in see this week and as well a lot of SVC so if you get back someone insane savvy a more to whatever you want but keep a lot of clothes in your club because we've also a lot of SBCC sweet what a bros not what up so far has honestly I don't mind not seem to work at flag because as soon as you see the email like not shining you can expect something big so there are four rows that's one ago board for the heart exactly for your heart if you don't pack some water sometimes two tablets you know after that go pop goes beyond open 350 kappa yes both were not 350 bucks from branding the draft as well was I want to let you know in de chingar we are rata we might some fires because you don't know when you with the best time to buy in to sell your players ran out this week is the best time provost if you don't like to play with one of the product you're currently playing with selling to invest the cons on a lot of fire yeah because after the rebound is gonna be worse than Black Friday the players will be really really really expensive submissions you just want to try someone purchasing history because starting next week the the ring the market is gonna go nuts the purse will be really really expensive just to let you know guys if you're wondering about one should I buy my players do it this week because after it's too late after the price go or just way too expensive Wow boys okay – wine tells elegir bros I'm good I know the packet weight is absolutely horrendous cuz absolutely horrendous drink no cure so just one watch out this pack opening – it's perfect cookies to hide the team of you're happy doing let me know as well s know if you how many cheaper phones did you put run on the on FIFA guys let us know because I'm we interesting to see as some people have much money in them into the game because so far we all watch so far boys I gotta meet were lucky honey come on one topic area 50 tip a promise none that's in fundo Italian meat famine so Bruce did you open the envelope at how good not your pocket okay open up your you open the choke a silver one so now that's a great shift to get back door when you don't get a walked out you do get the role of any to know of 84 degrees you take it you take it voice for future power back on Andy do we fill this one bro make a pact one megabyte you feel that you finish did you open one more drama category okay this is the third workout oh that's a board that was from squabble oh okay German goalkeeper Loki burnt little not bad not bad as mission of Congress that's SVC player good to have in your club player of the month probably it is gonna happen most likely as well this week my prediction will go through Wednesday or Friday Friday will be natural Friday will be nuts another team of your car as well and that's a comedian also like we all don't want choosing it props to alia but nowadays it's tough to look at what idiot does without saying or they do this for for for the money you know what I mean and honest about that is true but at the same time we gotta give credit where is doing that certainty from eh sports come on ah okay okay that's not that bad that's not that bad Rose okay now the border we keep getting boards elementary so Tori so he's injured he's injured but not eat a package but it's fun it's bad booty not come to Brazil cannot complain for sure we pass an insane chord chuckwei's neva now I want to see the price of those team of your players on the market bribe Rose runner as well if you need you're wondering wait all the team of dear players are the lowest now know if gonna go lower they're gonna go now work this week does for someone like Ronaldo and poppy a messy right now tonight if you guys wanted to try them out if you can because tomorrow their price will go up again so if you guys want to try out player you can purchase them now but you might lose coins on the tax your eyebrows but tomorrow morning the process of the timid ears will be a little bit higher than tonight that they actually or right now just to make you look as if you do have a lot of cones in if you're trying out wanting like wanting to try out and pop it messy Roland oh yes yes I saw you can ask every question that you have in your comment section as well we'd love Instagram into the make sure you guys use of social media to interact with us and ask any of your gas question I know that will receive that question a lot when is the best time to sell my place guys well I will advance you do to wait a bit not sell tonight as you can see Bo's we just buy ten minutes ago draggable we're not gonna sell him tonight we've only selling tomorrow when the when they will be a little bit bound on the market because when I rose the price ran as you're talking Louis across as is at the lowest because so many people open packs Warner Bros yeah people sell their cards you know what I mean though so therefore guys make sure to sell tomorrow if you pack the big player all right so guys running with eleven packs you want to keep all those bucks when they fall team on here is already 15k powder form from the barometer comedy so we're going to keep all those ten packs from the full team up there is gonna be released it's more interesting for us and we don't want to pen to many packs tonight because we know bros we know what's happening at the end of this week it's gonna be insane tour will be back of course with another pack open universe it's gonna be everyday run on the channel we might do double uploads as well so if you guys or subscribe and if you don't have your notifications on make sure you turn them on because you don't want to be missing that hot content on your subscription feed now goes next that's good reach it out let's quickly check out those lucky ones that back those team of Diablos I know that I'd quickly check my base price quickly trachomatis Rusk moreless 4.6 million our week on agenda of the week is gonna be 3 million that's my prediction was 3 million is gonna be around that is 1 5 million actually and he's really looking insane I mean he's looking at like a player in your team the only maybe down so the budding movie that is on the right wing not on the left wing that's the downside that's still an insane card the cheapest team OD or Messi is seven million coins what that's crazy bro that is absolutely not 82 strength 19 and stamina bros that car is a key leash if you come up against discounting fictional films bros good luck good luck and yeah about that team of the German suppose that he didn't have couple years ago and the last previous Reaper was nowadays easiness center of the field he's eccentric oh yes now boys is a can be played as a striker come see NCTM no matter what is not even right wing so rose to me part that touch me see you can if you want to purchase that touch me so we come again of the week is price will be more or less for 2-3 minutes more less I will say goes I'm gonna say I'm gonna say 5 million I'm going to say four point five five million for sure and now let's check out the bad boy please general now April 5 it goes for actually eight point eight million more less Wow crazy after he's gonna be the best player browsing again yes I mean this is just disgusting 1900 that's a $99 or look at this shooting much like almost any more composure ninety-nine stamina 99 so for those team of their cars I like what it sports did with the stamina right of course it's the best con in the game but they all Putin announced I mean I think so that's really good so that they can try players I mean they're gonna be machine for like 110 15 20 minutes you guys playing extra time in few champions so that's really good 19 hours before stump it's time enough on map it's okay this is just too crazy man this is just too crazy let us know cause if you have packed someone insane as well any team of the let us know in the comment section and if you guys or saving packs touch do what I do touch the way to go Bruce set your packs until Friday Friday when the twelve parts will be available as well unpack so guys if you have enjoyed this little park opening drop a like we Patton insane player really a key off it was Appa cracking in from the West the rest of the week and bros miss Davene said wish you luck we should the past and present your parts don't spend too many feet at once you guys are brand new to the channel don't forget to subscribe and preserve that being said it has evolved iam my name is Vincent and cat regards to more with a pack opinion you can expect lots of lots of packs in the energy in your chat about this food because yes we will pack a team of the year mark my words with that Vincent telling us tomorrow