Appearing on CNN, struggling 2020 candidate
Elizabeth Warren suggested that the decision to take out Soleimani by President Trump could
be a “Wag the Dog” type distraction from impeachment. The Guardian reports Elizabeth Warren has
suggested Donald Trump ordered the drone assassination of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani to distract
the American public from his own impeachment, taking the country “to the edge of war”
for his own political purposes. “We know Donald Trump is very upset about
this upcoming impeachment trial,” the Massachusetts senator and candidate for the Democratic presidential
nomination told NBC’s Meet the Press. “But look what he’s doing now. He is taking us to the edge of war.” Observers were quick to say Warren was accusing
Trump of “wag the dog” tactics, meaning an attempt to distract public attention by
launching a military strike. A 1997 film satire starring Robert De Niro
and Dustin Hoffman used the phrase as its title and similar charges were leveled against
Bill Clinton in 1998, when he ordered strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan while embroiled in
the scandal which led to his own impeachment.