Video: advice from employers for university students on career development

When searching for a job, students can find themselves overwhelmed with information and advice on how to make themselves attractive to employers, leaving them feeling overwhelmed. Some employers may state that they value good communication over the skills of the organization; Others may prioritize time management over good teamwork.

Really, it will really depend on the industry you want to work in, the role you are applying for and the specific qualities the employer is looking for.

However, the best place to start is to hear from some of the employers themselves about what they value most when they look to hire graduates.

First is Alvin Ng, Vice President and General Manager, Johnson Controls Singapore. In this excerpt from the new online course from The Student and Common Purpose, Alvin explains why clear and simple communication skills are so important to a graduate job search, and outlines some common mistakes young graduates can learn to avoid.

In this second passage, Alvin mentions that there are certain qualities that will always give students an advantage when applying for jobs. Check out his tip below for the qualities that will set you apart from other applicants.

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