Victims of Michigan school shooting include 14-year-old and senior about to graduate

A devastated Michigan community is mourning the loss of a college-admitted senior, rookie soccer player and student volleyball player who was killed in a school shooting on Tuesday.

Those three students were killed and eight others injured when the suspected gunman, a 15-year-old sophomore, opened fire on fellow Oxford High School students, according to police.

Madison Baldwin, 17, Tate Meyer, 16, and Hannah St. Juliana, 14, have been identified as the victims by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. Eight others, including a teacher, were injured, and three remained in critical condition on Wednesday morning.

Among those in critical condition are a 15-year-old boy who was shot in the head and a 14-year-old girl who was shot in the neck and chest while on a ventilator, Oakland County Mayor Michael Bouchard said at a news conference Tuesday.

People hug during a vigil at Lake Point Community Church in Lake Orion, Michigan, on Tuesday after a shooting at Oxford High School killed three and injured eight.Jeff Kowalski/AFP via Getty Images

The Baldwin family told NBC affiliate WDIV that he was accepted into several colleges, including some on full scholarships.

“It’s just surreal. Shock. I’ve touched so many people,” her grandmother told WDIV.

Mayer was a top player and linebacker on the school’s soccer team, while St. Juliana was a player on the freshmen volleyball team.

Authorities said the suspected gunman has not been identified and is not speaking to the police. He fired at least a dozen rounds from a semi-automatic pistol. The sheriff’s office said police managed to catch him with seven shots left in his gun less than five minutes after the first of more than 911 calls.

“They went in, searched the threat, and went for gunshots,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael McCabe told a news conference on Tuesday. “It stopped and I think there could have been seven more victims.”

A 15-year-old student at Oxford High School killed three students and injured eight others on Tuesday.WDIV

Investigators said the gun was bought by the boy’s father last week, on Black Friday, and the teen posted pictures of him rehearsing it.

“This was a recently purchased weapon,” McCabe said. “That he was shooting with it and posting pictures of a target and the weapon…it’s all part of what’s being looked at.”

McCabe added that there were no warning signs or threats to the police before the shooting.

The teen is being held in a juvenile detention center and has not been charged, but the county attorney general said her office would “promptly issue the appropriate charges.”

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