Vic was at a con called to pelacone a few days ago and he talked about outraged culture which if you guys don't know what that is it's pretty much the reason why his career was in jeopardy in the first place basically it's a bunch of people who sit on Twitter waiting for someone to get accused of something and then try to ruin their career even if they don't have any evidence he's talked about this situation before and a written statement on Twitter he also made a verbal statement in another con I think a few months back but this was his most recent one I believe I'll play the clip for you guys right now let me know what you guys think in the comments below if you want to support me in the future be positive be a voice for good there's a lot of hate in the world it's really sad especially for those of us that are older and have been around a while to see it change it's really sad to see so many people so fast to be offended by something so on edge just waiting for somebody to offend them or just waiting to be outraged by something so the best thing that you and I and all of us can do you can do is obviously there are a lot of you he's shining light in your world no matter how big or small that world may be you may be sitting there thinking I'm quiet and I'm shy and I don't really talk much and I don't really a lot of people in my and get my circle yeah but you have some you may not have as many as that person or that person but there are people in your life and you have the power to speak words of light and kindness and encouragement and inspiration into those people's lives or you also have the power to tear them down and to make them feel bad or to hurt them or to discourage them now let's ask you the billion dollar question what would you rather someone do in your life wouldn't you want them to be encouraging and supportive helpful 9 then you be that for someone else that's the best thing you can do okay oh yeah he's basically just saying we should preach love and positivity instead of all this negative all the time which is kind of what outraged culture causes and I would have to agree with them you know what I mean like even if we might hate the other side for what they did to Vic's career and all that you know it's not really right to make personal attacks and call them fat and ugly and all that I know what a joke is jokes are funny but I mean when it gets to the point where you're like trying to cause physical harm on to the other people I feel like that's taking it too far let's focus on the job at hand which is restoring Vic's reputation and I think he's doing that so far in court so let me know you guys think about the situation in the comments spread love and positivity like Vic always says and see you guys later you behind