>>Turkey has officially launched a military
operation in northern Syria. This is what Turkey had already threatened
to do following Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to pull US troops out of the region, effectively
abandoning our Kurdish allies. Now the Kurdish allies do not get along with
the Turkish government. The Turkish government believes that at least
some of those Kurds pose a security risk to their country, which is why they are pushing
forward with this military operation. Now here’s what we know so far, a number of
countries have waited, including Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is not happy about this, France
is not happy about this. There will be a meeting of various countries
who are part of the UN to discuss what the next steps should be. But we also know that this morning, Turkey,
a NATO ally, according to Donald Trump invaded Syria. The United States does not endorse this attack
and has made it clear to Turkey that this operation is a bad idea. There are no American soldiers in the area. It’s part of the reason why the military operation
is able to go forward, because there are no American forces in the area, Trump pulled
them out. Trump’s statement continues to say, Turkey
has committed to protecting civilians, protecting religious minorities, including Christians,
and ensuring no humanitarian crisis takes place. Just wanna note that, just the mere history
of Turkey indicates that they don’t really care too much about protecting religious minorities. But the statement continues, and we will hold
them to this commitment. In addition, Turkey is now responsible for
ensuring all ISIS fighters being held captive remain in prison, and that ISIS does not reconstitute
in any way, shape, or form. Now his statement conflicts significantly
with what Turkey has put out. The Senior Advisor for the leader of Turkey,
Erdogan, says quote, in terms of the ISIS fighters held in prisons, which are closer
to our border, of course initially our priority is to provide security and stability in the
areas we move into. We will safeguard any areas that contain these
prisons. However, we would like the management of the
camps, in particular, something that has to be undertaken as a joint effort with the international
community. So Turkey is effectively saying, yeah, I guess
we’ll help out with securing these ISIS prisoners, but we’re not gonna do it alone, we refuse
to do it alone. We want assistance from other countries.>>Yeah, so as usual full context here. One thing that I’ve now noticed is that most
of the stories covering this have dropped, explaining why Turkey’s going into Northern
Syria in the first place. I don’t think they should go in, I’m gonna
explain why not in a second. But, if you give the full context, they’re
not going in there for their health. There are terrorist attacks inside of Turkey. They are done by Kurdish separatists groups. Some of those, realistically, are connected
to the Kurds in Northern Syria. So that doesn’t mean you should go in. One, you’re violating the sovereignty of Syria,
you’re making the Middle East a bigger mess than it already is, and several civilians
have already died. And many people are fleeing the area, understandably,
so because bombs are dropping into those cities. So, look, on this show we’re consistent throughout,
so I don’t think Turkey should occupy Northern Syria. I don’t think Israel should occupy the West
Bank and Gaza Strip. But when Israel ever does any actions, everyone
in the American media constantly says, it’s because of the terrorists, terrorists, terrorists,
terrorists, they had to, human shields, etc. Now, when Turkey does it there’s no context
given, bad Turks going into Northern Syria just, you know, because they felt like it. No, it’s a similar situation. But we’re also considering is saying, Israel
should not occupy and neither should Turkey. They should not roll in tanks, they should
not do the aerial bombardment that they did today, and there are, I believe, better ways
to handle it. I think we had a better way to handle it until
Donald Trump came in here and screwed everything up.>>So I have a question.>>Yeah.>>Because while I understand that Turkey
perceives the Kurds as a threat, or a potential threat, why is it that Erdogan pushed Trump
to take US forces out of that region? Right, wouldn’t you argue that the US forces
if they continued on, the Pentagon was able to continue with the plan that they had in
place, to create a->>No, so look, it’s complicated, and so there
are bad actors interspersed within the groups. So first of all, understand that Turkey does
not dislike Kurds in general. Okay, the Kurds are huge percentage of the
population, they are minority, but a very significant minority in Turkey, and they are
some of the top politicians in Turkey, etc. On the other hand, there is PKK, that’s a
terrorist group that is Kurdish within Turkey. And the Turkish majority has a loathing for
them, which is understandable given that they actually do commit terrorist acts. Now, does that loathing sometimes extend to
other Kurds that are innocent? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Does the Turkish government overreact at times? Definitely, okay? So I think the right answer is to give Kurds
every piece, every right that every Turkish citizen has, etc.>>The Turkish government used to be terrible
on that, they’ve gotten significantly better, but it’s not completely solved. There are better diplomatic answers. Okay, now when you look at Northern Syria,
those guys who are fighting are American allies, they did fight against ISIS. Having them die now because America left is
terrible for America, cuz it’s not just about the Kurds, it’s about do we ever keep our
word as America when we say, hey, if you get our back, we’re gonna get your back. Now when we say to the Kurds, hey, you get
our back, it depends, what mood is Donald Trump in, what tower does he want and which
country, or what different things has, or did a foreign leader kiss his ass, or yell
at him, or whatever his stupid fickle mood is. So now we’re gonna have trouble getting allies. But now when you talk about the Kurds in northern
Syria, yes, they’re heroes in helping America fight ISIS. And I put it in quotes because it’s not that
simple, of course they’re heroes for doing that, but that’s also in their interest because
ISIS hates them and would kill them, as well. But, do some of them help PKK do terrorist
attacks inside Turkey? Very likely. So when America had military, had a plan to
have a safe zone in Northern Syria, was it an awesome option? No. Was it the best option available? I think it was,okay? Now, does Erdogan and the Turkish government
agree that it was the best option available? No, they’re very frustrated at how slow it’s
going and how the terrorism inside Turkey continues. So they want to do a very Turkish reaction,
which is, get out of the way, I got this, I’m gonna bomb the hell out of that area,
and that’ll solve it. I don’t agree that that will solve it. And so, I think it’s a bad idea, but yes,
they are reacting to those things. And yes, they think the US is not moving quickly
enough. So now, given that though, you still can’t
betray the Kurds, it’s still a bad idea to invade. And so, there are no angels here, and there’s
also Turks have some proper motives, some terrible motives. The Kurds have some proper motives, some bad
motives, etc. Now, let’s talk about what we definitely know. We know is Erdogan needed the American troops
out so he can start bombing. Because he doesn’t want to accidentally bomb
an American soldier, then he’s gonna have massive problems on his hands. Okay, you can kill non-Americans all day long
in this world. You wanna kill the Yemenis, hundreds of thousands
of them? Nobody cares. You wanna kill the Uyghur Turks in China or
put them in concentration camps? Nobody cares. North Korea, Myanmar, Kurds, nobody cares. So, my God, if you kill an American, then
you’re gonna have massive problems on your hands. So that is why it was important for Erdogan
to get Trump to move that chess piece off the board. And Trump, the idiot, did without thinking
it through. So now he’s moved the piece, he comes out
with these statements that we’ve been reading to you for the last two days, where he’s like,
yeah, Turkey’s great, they should roll into Northern Syria. I mean I will destroy their economy if they
do something wrong. I mean they have every right to go in and
fight terrorists. I mean if they’re not moderate in their actions,
there will be terrible consequences. God damn it, what the hell do you mean, you
idiot? You don’t know what you mean. Do you know that in 2015 while he was running
for president, a conservative talk show host, Hugh Hewitt, interviewed him and asked him
about the Quds force. Now, the Quds force is from Iran. They are Shia, they are Persian, and they
are part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, they are against us. Trump starts answering, I love the Kurds. And Hugh Hewitt’s like, no, no, no, I’m sorry
Mr. Trump, not the Kurds, the Quds force, and he said, well, of course I knew that,
but the Kurds are great, and well, the one thing we gotta protect is the Kurds. And notice, of course, he didn’t do that as
president, it is his billionth lie in a row. Also, he’s an idiot and doesn’t know anything
about the region.>>Right.>>Look, if you’re a plumber or a dentist
and you don’t know the difference between the Quds force and the Kurds, of course you
don’t, that’s totally normal. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s pretty
deep into Middle Eastern politics. But if you’re the president, you don’t know
who our enemies are and you don’t know who our allies are? You moron of morons. So you didn’t think that Turkey was going
to bombard Northern Syria? What did you think they wanted to do? An incursion means an invasion, by definition,
it means bombing.>>Yeah.>>What did you think they were gonna do? You idiot!>>No, he knew, he knew. I mean as we talked about on the show yesterday,
his own White House put out a statement indicating that if it was a mild military incursion,
then he would maybe be okay with it, the troops would remain. But if it was going to be a giant military
incursion, that he would pull the troops out, so he knew exactly what Turkey was gonna do,
which is why he pulled the troops out, you just explain that yourself. But one other thing that I wanna mention,
and I alluded to it in the beginning of the story, is that not only are we abandoning
our allies immediately after they helped us accomplish our objectives. But remember, there are tens of thousands
of ISIS fighters in these prisons that are being managed and overseen by the Kurds. And now they’re saying, we have to defend
ourselves. We don’t have time to focus on ISIS anymore,
that’s not our priority, we’re gonna do our best. So think about how much that destabilizes
the situation. And it’s not just about Turkey, the United
States, and the Kurds. You have all these other countries involved
in Syria, in this proxy war, now Saudi Arabia is getting involved. Saudi Arabia specifically said, that the military
action could have negative repercussions on the security of the region. So who knows what their next move is gonna
be, this is a disaster.>>So why is Saudi Arabia in care? They now view Turkey as not an ally of theirs,
cuz they wanna start a war with Iran, Syria is linked with Iran. Now look, the one part that we agree with,
as progressives, is let’s get out of the area, it’s not our business. If Saudi Arabia wants to start a disastrous
war with Iran, that is their stupid idea and we should have no piece of it. But instead Trump goes, it’s okay, Turkey
why don’t you start a war then maybe Saudi Arabia will join in on the other side. And now I have a NATO ally, one of the top
NATO allies, Turkey, second largest army in NATO, and my actual top allies, Saudi Arabia
and Israel on the other side. What are we gonna do? Did you think that through? Of course he hasn’t thought it through! That’s why he shouldn’t be president, because
he’s a child, and a very, very dumb one at that. So look, one more thing about ISIS that Anna
brought up. Actually, two repercussions of it. One is, Kurds go, just today they announced,
we are not, we don’t have time to fight ISIS anymore, or to really guard the jails of those
tens of thousands of ISIS fighters. Now you say, well, that’s outrageous. How could you possibly say that’s outrageous? They have an excellent point to make, they’re
like, I’m busy getting bombed by Turkey, I don’t have time to figure out what the hell’s
going on with ISIS. That is now a secondary concern of mine, the
primary concern is the bomb about the land on my head. So very reasonable thing for the Kurds to
say, and it’s not their fault, it’s America’s fault because of Trump. And then the second part of the ISIS situation
is, Turkey said, according to Trump in that call, that they would take all the ISIS fighters,
that that was the deal, Trump said, yeah. Well, Europe didn’t take the ISIS fighters,
and we don’t want them. So Turkey’s gonna take them. And as Anna read to you earlier, the Turkish
government today said, just kidding, we’re not gonna take the ISIS fighters. We want the international community to help,
we’re not going to be solely responsible for them. So what did America get out of the deal? We got nothing out of the deal.>>Nothing
>>Okay, as usual, Trump got played, cuz he’s stupid. One of his advisors, talking to Stephen Moore,
I believe, and said, he believes Trump has a 180 IQ. Go lower, lower, you literally take a hundred
points off that, I don’t think he clears 80 IQ points. One of the dumbest people we have ever had
in any political office, and he’s making decisions that are leading to worldwide war.>>And finally, even though the majority of
the discussion on this issue centers around the Kurdish fighters in Turkey. In reality, the individuals who are really
gonna suffer are the civilians in the area. And according to the International Rescue
Committee, as many as 300,000 people are likely going to miss out on humanitarian aid that
they’ve been providing them, people will be displaced. And this military operation has already begun,
the bombing has already begun. So civilians are already dying as a result
of this, and people are trying to flee the country for their own safety. So there are people, innocent people caught
in the middle, who are gonna suffer as a result of Donald Trump’s uneducated and unknowledgeable