and welcome to this edition of the biker angle it is 1021 of 2018 hopefully you guys are having a great Sunday yesterday's live stream was something else going back on that one question does 4:20 and Pete your thoughts a little bit so I gotta give that guy maybe 20% of the credit but a bio Jesus it sends you to Jesus let me tell you man there's freaking Buddha and then there's Jesus man and this shit sent me to see Jesus let me tell you but anyway I would like to thank everybody that donated to neons fundraiser long writer again out of my heart I can't thank you enough for all you do for the channel and everything you've done for me on also I like the thank Patrick Connor Shane MacGowan and net there was an anonymous on a donation really appreciate that and my favorite debate partner and now it is my girl let me tell you if she keeps me honest on this channel and she always keeps my head to the ground when it comes to politics and huh good stuff you know I'm the right winger she's left winger and hopefully one of these days we can meet in the middle but that's one good thing about it at least we know how to debate unlike this country now but right now we're gonna get into some big freaking news you know and then later on we'll get into of course ask Hollywood and then we'll get into the hater scene only got one today and I feel fucking pretty bad cuz I usually I get more than that so I'm slacking but today's news we're gonna talk about how Harley Davidson you know a lot of bikers have been boycotting them and it's driving a lot of people towards uh Indian right now and Trump back in that boycott so we're gonna have a video after I go into this little news segment and it's from Fox News and there's also one from CNBC that you can see on insane throttle biker News's website but you'll actually see how Harley day was in late 70s 80s when they needed the government's help how Reagan backed them how they got a forty five percent tariff level against them and you'll also cuz I know a lot of the Harley guys now listen I wrote Harley Davidsons my whole life owned dozens upon dozens of the damn bikes and I always hear how Harley is number one this Harley's number one that well it's true 50% of the big bike market is Harley Davidson it's not the biggest company in the world that sells motorcycles that er actually goes to Honda and you'll see in the sales figure it'll be like doing a double-take like the I did I was like huh no I never knew that shit but Harley Davidson I think so two hundred fifty two thousand units where Honda worldwide sold over 17 million so to say Harley Davidsons the biggest there is that's just not to case but let's head into this a little bit and I know a lot of people cuz I have been seeing it have been going to Indian and I gotta admit Indians got some badass bikes coming I'm at the Dark Horse number one of them being so anyway controversy over Harley Davidsons production plan spurred on by President Trump support for a boycott may be driving writers to the brand's top US rival according to new research published this past Friday so it's only two days old this report BMO Capital Markets analyst Derek Johnson said Indian motorcycle dealers have reported an uptick in harley-davidson trade ins in the three months after Trump took on harley-davidson over its announcement that it will shift some productions overseas in response the European tariffs on US made bikes what harley-davidson didn't tell you was it was already planning to do this shit a year before so it had nothing to do with the 25 percent tariffs on aluminum steel that was just a bullshit trying to go away around it and use him Trump and his unpopular in the media to try to give them a boost but blue-collar workers and bikers aren't stupid and don't fall for that kind of bullshit anyway the bank lowered its price target for harley-davidson shares to $45 from 52 and downgraded the stock to market perform from outperform that's a big freakin deal if you hold stocks well the overlap between Donald Trump supporters and Harley riders is significant thus it is disconcerting to have the president call on these consumers to boycott the brand Johnson wrote in a note sent to clients quote in response to new European taro sign of American motorcycles hog may have had the right financial intentions but the way it communicated its strategy was a public relations tobacco yeah you can say that when the CEO of harley-davidson comes out and says Maine in America really don't matter anymore it's about freedom yeah bullshit Johnson also noted that Indian has become a bigger threat to harley-davidson than previously anticipated though still trailing hogs in the US market India now controls about 7% of the heavyweight motorcycle market according to BMO harley-davidson said its US market share was forty eight point four percent in the second quarter now remember that the market share of big bikes you know you're talking glides you're talking freaking you know the $50,000 bullshit ones you know full-on baggers but that's only one segment of the motorcycle market so you can't go around and say hey they own 50% of the market it's only in one segment the spokesman for harley-davidson didn't immediately respond to a request for comment the milwaukee-based company is scheduled to report earnings Tuesday Polaris the parent company of Indian will report their earnings Monday so that's the scoop from the Fox side of things but I want you to watch this video harley-davidson was heading towards bankruptcy after half a century of being the biggest name in town its quality control had taken a serious dive a Japanese motorcycle brands were breathing down its neck brands like Honda and entered the US market the small around town motorcycles but as time went on the bikes got bigger and started to dominate Harley went from having a 75 percent market share of heavy bikes in the early 70s to just 25 percent in the early eighties Harley executives knew they needed a plan so in 1981 they bought out the company from then owner AMF and launched an ambitious turnaround strategy they shrunk the workforce by 40% redesigned bikes up the quality and then they reached out to the international trade commission for a little help of the competition in 1983 President Reagan responded he raised tariffs on large motorcycles coming into America by 45% you asked us to give you breathing room so you could finish getting into shape to meet unexpectedly strong foreign competition like giving a boxer a few extra weeks of training before a fight we looked at you carefully we asked his Harley Davidsons really serious about getting into shape and the answer came back a resounding yes with this edge on the Japanese competition Harley would make a historic comeback by 1987 it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange that by 1989 it reclaimed nearly 50 percent of heavy bike market so how did they stack up now well let's put it this way in 2017 Harley Davidson sold over 240 thousand bikes worldwide in that same year Honda sold over seventeen point six million now Harley's are on average a bit more expensive than Hawk London and those higher prices are helping them to post profits but those sales numbers did mark a drop from the year before whereas Honda saw a rise consumers are trending towards smaller lighter bikes and sales and Harley's biggest markets are not expected to reach anywhere near those of other parts of the world the u.s. represents 65 percent of Harley sales its next biggest market in Europe and about 16 percent so with EU tariffs increasing by 25% in 2018 Harley's getting a taste of what the Japanese flag makers got in the 1980s and this time is they may not have the President on their side like Reagan before him President Trump at first praised Harley Davidson but plans to ship more production out of the country to ease the cost of the tariffs struck an earth Harley Davidson is using that as an excuse and I don't like that because I've been very good to Harley Davidson and they used it as an excuse and I think the people that ride Harley's are not happy with Harley Davidson and I wouldn't be either Trump blasted them on Twitter even saying he would work with Harley's competition so why is Harley so wrapped up in this trade work if you just looked at the numbers the company probably wouldn't be in your sights and those EU tariffs are also hitting much bigger American companies like Levi's and Jack Daniels but through its a hundred and fifteen year history Harley has held a special place in America's heart with changing parents and a seemingly unpredictable president the rally cry from Harley's eighties come back feels ever more fitting video and I bet you didn't know that either seventeen million bikes man holy shit that's a lot of bikes and the market is growing in Asia as you seen it way out does North America but Manny harley-davidson should take a playbook at a Honda lowered a damn prices and people I know well you know that rice burner shit like that blah blah blah well the other generation don't care about the shit that we used to care about man they don't give they weren't even alive or went through half the shit of this Japan the ally shit and World War two where nobody wanted to buy jet bikes but you gotta miss G Honda's cows freaking Yamaha Suzuki's they make some badass bikes man you know I you know I used to have a mean streak I do love a mean streak man I'm gonna get one of those again you know after I get an Indian you know I'm gonna keep this fat boy forever never gonna get rid of it but I'm gonna go with Indian for my main bike and then I'm gonna have the main street for a little side fun type of bike but kids these days don't care about all that bullshit that we used to it's a whole new deal in that whole if you look at what a matte motorcycle madhouse episode 57 I just did this one we had a younger guy who got rid of his on jet bike always wanted a Harley Davidson walks into the Fort Worth Harley Davidson dealer you know expecting a pre certified bike that it was gonna be all good and all that bullshit well he's had nothing but freakin problems with the bike and all the dealership did was freaking Jack him up and send him on his fucking way and hopefully he gets shit fixed with them and this does go out to the Fort Worth Harley Davidson dealership maybe you want to take care of your customers because they are freaking going to Indian and droves right now and why not it's you know what it's a decent price bike and it it's good and it runs good and they have American pride maybe you want to tell your CEO to get back to that American pride so after this quick video we'll go in to ask Hollywood and the message today haters but this is somehow way the media's playing this song truly dancing with it before percent today second was horse performer on the SMP after President Trump came out in support of a boycott against the company tweeting yesterday Vinnie harley-davidson owners plan to boycott the company if manufacturing moves overseas great most other companies are coming in our direction including harley competitors a really bad move US will soon have a level playing field or better this is the latest in the dispute between President Trump and Holly over tariffs on steel and joining us now Republican congressman Jim Rohn AC is also a former owner of a Harley dealership and there is right around the capital uh and he joins us now a congressman there very good afternoon to you thanks for joining us thanks for having congressman what's your take as to whether which of these two outcomes is more likely that customers will depart from buying Harley bikes or that those same customers will not vote for present Trump in the upcoming midterms well I'm a big believer that Harley is an iconic brand as you know I'm an enthusiast I'm a writer but at the same time we have some unfaith unfair trade deals where Harley is not able to sell its motorcycles overseas and it's one of the reasons why it's not about the tariffs the reason why they're moving production overseas it's to get around that the mad about the tariffs the president Trump has put out it's about the tariffs that the other countries have on a motorcycle that's produced here in Seoul overseas so I understand why Harley Davis is doing it but I also understand what the president is saying at the same time was we have to make sure we can keep that iconic brand here so in the end I think voters are happy with the direction we're going I know it here in Ohio is I'm running for Senate people are talking about you know what the economies grow and we got to keep moving economy forward they're happy with it they're a little uncomfortable with terrorists but at the same time they're comfortable with the president making sure that is negotiating the best interest and remember this president has said I'd like to eliminate tariffs on both sides we would help put people here in Ohio manufacturers and employees we'd love the property to see that because we have the best manufacturing here in Ohio and some of the best employees who be able to compete worldwide so do you support the president endorsing a boycott of harley-davidson well look I support the president's policies of moving forward in the end people will make that decision on their own as whether port cutter but I wish I had more time to ride my Harley that I can make a better decision as whether it's going to boycott it or not okay Chris do you would you buy a harley-davidson if it were not made in this country and by the way harley-davidson says that it's motorcycles that are sold in this country are going to be made in this country but if they do move production overseas would you boycott well no because here again we have a motorcycles being produced here in this country and we and it's a good production the problem is they can't compete overseas that's why I say this is an issue about a business making decisions to go overseas long before the president ever started about talking about tariffs because they needed to be able to compete against the tariffs or being charged when they sell it by overseas so in the end Ollie's making a decision in the best interests of Harley and the shareholders so congressman tidy up for us what the president should have said that would have been an accurate criticism of who's in the wrong here well what did he get wrong in his tweet well look I think the president's frustrated like most people here are in America we're where people are moving overseas they're moving their businesses but I think what he's trying to say is right now we have a great economy here the economy is growing at four point one percent business are reinvesting in America Harley please increase your business here and we're gonna fix these tariffs long-run I think that's what he would really like to do yeah you really think that he's gonna come out against Trump you're freakin pulling yourself you seem to have bikers for Trump ba which is a great group man love the guys I actually got to interview Chris Cox a real good guy his interviews over on motorcycle madhouse so you can see that the biker base is really behind Trump in these tariffs because a lot of us are behind unions and the steel and aluminum tariffs were there to help them so as you know they was next to nothing in the steel industry they were almost gone because everything was overseas so yeah I support the terrorists myself and Harley Davidson you better get your shit together cuz if you don't huh you're to be put on the outside looking in anyway let's get to as Hollywood and this is from not your father he's a real good follower of the channel and brought up a great question that let's address real quick I got interested in what this one perk la one percenter club scene was about I think I've somewhat got the grasp of what they say it's about Brotherhood well when even in your own words and I do say this out of three people there is two rats end quote so if you don't trust your brother that he is not your brother secondly they say it's about motorcycles while you can't ride your motorcycle in prison then there is club people defending it trying to say most of the club guys are people who want to live out social norms of the law looking at in a one extreme then there is the media looking at it in their extreme that they're all thugs on bikes I don't think either side is right I think each side wants to believe it's right the reason it is motorcycle profiling is because of the action of clubs in the past and present I do admit the media blows it out of proportion but quote club on Club Wars and quote have happed happened I I think that's what he was saying and still happen obviously there is still drug dealing going on in almost every indictment I've read something about distribution manufacturing illegal drugs have been on it not trying to troll anybody or disrespect anybody's way of life but would like somebody to give me their opinion and that's a great question and that's something I addressed in the video I think a couple days ago about how the actions of some motorcycle clubs make it harder for guys like me to go out there and protect them but let's get to the Brotherhood question first when you get into a club and your intention is to make money off your club behind her back and there's a lot of people out there that have they've actually written books about the shit about how their club didn't know about them making the money and they even said I have to hear fucking plans you know bullshit anyway but when you get into the kind of situation that some of these people do then yeah but a street rules apply you know you got to look at everybody as suspect you got to look at them as a rat because you're out there going against the norm and you're trying not to get caught and I think that's mostly what I try to say when it comes to the streets did you know you got three people there in a group you're only gonna be able to trust one and one is that because nowadays the jail sentences are 25 to life you know they're no longer 5-10 years where somebody can take the fall no I didn't like that anymore man the feds have ramped it up and you'll be lucky to get somebody to back your play if you get caught a lot of people don't stick to the old ways of doing stuff man it used to be shut your mouth and that was it basically you get busted yeah give me your name your freakin birthdate and can I have my freakin lawyer now a lot of these guys are living off the the dream of the women the drum and all that bullshit when they are into it and I'm not saying clubs are in it as a whole because I'm not because I don't believe that's true I believe that it's certain people in the club there's a small percentage involved in that kind of shit and yeah it reflects badly on the club and I have always said that kind of shit and sometimes the officers might want to set up step up and enforce those bylaws hey if you're doing some stupid shit that's gonna get fucking us recode or something get the fuck out of here because we don't need that kind of shit I remember as a piston the rules were and these were strict fucking rules you didn't do shit that could bring shit onto the club they wanted no part of that shit nor had they ever asked me to do anything illegal people who do it do it on their own thing and they usually do it against what the club wants and I can give examples one guy wrote a fucking book you guys know who the hell he is over there acting like a wannabe fucking gangster fucking joke really poor do I have information I should release but uh I'm keeping that on the download right now until it needs to be but well you know I used to do this and do that and do this and do that the club never knew a damn thing about what he was freakin doing and if they did like they said they would have kicked this ass to the curb a lot earlier so yeah you know that's what I mean about you know the three out of the two or one out of the three are rats as if you get in that kind of business on the streets you got to look at that kind of shit man cuz now you're not playing a normal game but let's go on to your next one let's see here let's see here yeah the same throttle does do a lot of stories where you see clubs in a bad light I hate that but it's news and that's what we cover most of the time you don't see the good that comes out of the biker community you know you don't see all the charity runs the fundraising and bikers do a ton of freaking fundraising let me tell you they do more than a lot of the Catholic Charities they do a lot more than a lot of religious organizations or even government organizations but that stuff just does not make it in the news because it don't solve papers as they say and that's why you see a lot of the bad in the news and that's why you see yeah you got guys attached to clubs that are freakin dealin and shit like that but again a lot of clubs have bylaws and they don't want the shit near them because this ain't nineteen seventy or eighty Mike you kind of said that these clubs are being looked at yeah in those days it was shit was on back in the 70s and 80s I'm not gonna even frickin lie I can't fucking lie then were some hardcore boys those were the Vietnam generation and they were wild as fuck so you know but this is 2018 and it's really not like that out there anymore and for those who say cuz I know I get a lot of them guys on here about the clubs although you don't like yesterday's freakin live stream where the guy said well you got a-you know manufacture math or you know buy meth to buy your way into a club they full of shit freakin Leo freaking trolls man they know fuckin better and I think and hopefully y'all know that our readership and followership knows better than that so it was a great question not your father I am hoping that you're a star wars fan with some shit like that man that's kind of cool fellow Star Wars fan right here though but hopefully I was able to answer your question from my point of view if you guys have a point of view you like to share go ahead and make a comment down in the comment section and let's end this video with a message to my haters you're a wannabe loser well you know what thank you for that I really thought my haters would come up with some better shit than that really get freakin yeah get more creative with your hater emails they're sorry get boring anyway you're a wannabe loser really look at your frickin screen name for Christ's fucking sake who's the loser again you an ass monkey you a jack nut and you're probably a pole smoker of a Leo so ghost in the corner whack yourself off blow a load make yourself happy and get on with your life if you don't like the channel then there's the freakin door is we always say so that was the only one I've had usually I get a lot more of these but again I must be doing something wrong if I'm not being hated on but uh anyway I really like to say thanks to long writer he has actually donated so we put in a big order for the new age of biking and Brotherhood now what's gonna happen is when they come in and they said they're gonna be in by the fifth because it went to a different printing what we're gonna do is I'll sign the copies I'll personalize them to you if you donate to neon saw a GoFundMe page or fund and you'll get a free copy of new agent biking and Brotherhood if you donate $20 or more who is fun that's just a gift from long rider and myself again great supporter really appreciate it and I really appreciate everybody buying the New Age of biking and Brotherhood it really feels good that it's being read that it's really selling its ass off and it's taking on some pretty big books out there let me tell you it's kicking ass November 1st I got the one on iron order you'll probably see at the bottom of the screen that's November first and that one is an in-depth look at that motorcycle club and we get into nuts and bolts from the middle ground approach and see why it was the year that it changed the motorcycle club scene but with that I really appreciate your guys's support and any comments suggestions below let me know talk to you guys later