thank you for watching Toyota Manila promo I’m Edward Bael your marketing professional from toyota presenting to you Hilux G Diesel automatic. For the hilux G Diesel automatic comes with the chrome handle and then chrome side mirror with turn lamp, have a step board and the antenna this is the wheels for G diesel 17 inch alloy wheel this is the lights for the G diesel, headlamp the the fog lamps Grill for the Hilux let’s open the hood computer box the air filter, the air filter power steering fluid, battery for the brake ABS, the fuse box Fuse Box, the engine CRDI CRDI ENGINE let’s go.. passengers side Fabric seats, Fabric accent for the fabric trim power window, Twitter speaker comes with the free mattings and sit cover have a cooler like Fortuner and innova you can pull it up and down. to release the cold air. glovebox, the visor the grip three point ELR seatbelt of course the SRS airbag assist girp again, grip. ok let’s go at the second row. the second row seats of course have a child lock proctection. same as the other automatic window. with this grip. have a pocket in here. have a pocket here and then here too, pocket and have this one. if you want to put here some things and here too Okay, let’s go at the back. here is the Back of the Hilux it’s a G Variant back light, third brake lamp. you can open this one. okay For the Diesel. Hilux is only diesel let’s go at the driver side. the driver-side like in the innova and Fortuner with the controls of the window lack of the window. side mirror control with auto fold. this is the MID for the hilux, steering control or audio system bluetooth pairing, this one is for MID. Three Airbag. with the Knee Airbag. for the 4X4 G Diesel automatic for the gasoline and for the hood. this is the MID of the Hilux look color blue accent its a 4×4. You can see the link in the description how to use the 4×4 the VSC and the audio system this is the audio system for the Hilux. Its DVD navigation, drive mode. see the description below you will see the use of the drive mode the automatic sportronic. armrest, glove box, visor, for the eyeglasses or shades. lights, other lights here. auto climate control air condition the wipers, and the function for headlamps this is the key for the Hilux, same as the innova. okay that’s all again this is the hilux 4×4 G Diesel Automatic thank you for watching Toyota Manila all in promo once again please like and subscribe my page.