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its when you see a clown in the wild and you think what are you doing here? Dont you know that your creepy and no one
likes you. Well even though the public consensus is dolls
are horrible it seems that a lot of you still like to hear about how horrible they can be
and that is why Im bringing you todays list of top 10 scary dolls that attacked their
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this list 10 Harold If your a fan of haunted dolls for some weird
reason the you probably are well aware of Harold. Also if your a fan of haunted dolls I just
have to ask why? Have you ever had Chicken and Waffles, its
way better then haunted dolls. But anyway, this little tyrant has been on
a tear ever since he was purchased off of ebay by a horror movie director. The Director wanted to buy him as inspiration
but he quickly became too much to handle. The Film director was plagued by horrible
dreams and when he would look at harold he would get a sick feeling in his stomach, so
he did what any responsible person would do and sold it to an unsuspecting person. I dont understand why people dont just burn
these dolls when they get them, end the cycle, the world already dangerous, world war 3 is
on the horizon we dont need haunted dolls kicking it up a notch. Well Harold got passed down the line to a
few different people and he made sure that he left his mark. One person died from falling down the stairs
and another owner died of lung cancer. Now Harold is being kept by a team of paranormal
experts and lets hope he dosent get loose anytime soon. 9 Amanda the doll This doll has those creepy lifeless eyes like
every girl Ive ever dated. Just look at this doll and tell me you wouldnt
know it was ready to kill you. No dolls has flowing locks and a good heart,
that hair is just their to make ignore the fact that shes oozing with hatred. And the read suit, shes on a glow up to ruin
your life. And this doll refuses to quiet her never ending
reign of terror, she has been sold over ebay over 20 times since 2003. Everyone who gets her is like nope, no thanks,
this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Also this doll was built in 1884, thats almost
150 years of causing havoc. Part of me kind of supports it, if your a
doll and you look that good after 150 years then you must be doing something right. Maybe she is only ruining peoples lives because
theyre just roadblocks on her trip to greatness. Maybe shes just queening, that hard. If your wondering what kind of torment she
has been bringing to the table, well she has scratched people in their sleep, shell give
them horrible nightmares and on top of all that people have said she will have a creep
demonic grin when you look at her at night. So if you have any enemies out there maybe
you know what you should get them for christmas this year. 8 Ondine French Swimming dolls Alright just looking at this doll to start
with is a horror show, these things were made in 1895 and were suppose to replicate a swimming
baby but they look more like the girl from the exorcist trying to slide on her belly. If you invited me over and I saw one of those
in your home I would be like Yeah, no thanks, Im just gonna go throw rocks at a bear its
probably safer than being around that thing. I read one report about one of these dolls
being cursed, that anyone who owned it would drown. Which seems very fitting since these dolls
were supposed to simulate someone swimming but they couldnt float because the material
that they were made of was too heavy. They havent gotten around to plastic yet. Its almost like a curse was put on this doll
just out of the irony. Now I couldmt track down the exact doll and
I read through a could reports all of them with different names for the doll. Some called it Claudette and others called
it Michelle. So either this story is fake or their is more
than one of these cursed downing dolls crab walking around the world. 7 Mandy This is one of the most famous haunted dolls
locked away in canada. We actually have a bunch of ghost stuff up
here in the great white north, you just dont get bugged by it a lot because even the ghosts
dont like to go out in the cold. Mandy has been on display at Quesnel Museum
in british columbia for quite some time now. She is really the main attraction there and
if you go to see her be prepared to be immediately creeped out. People say that she follows you with her eyes
and will even wink at you. I think this dolls is hitting on me. Since she has been on display in the museum
she hasnt done anything to disturbing but the last person who owned Mandy was kept up
constantly by the sound of a crying baby, and they didnt have a baby. So Mandy likes to go down the route of attack
you psychologically, very smart. 6 Robert The creepiest thing about this doll is that
it as the same name as its original owner. Some people think this has linked the owners
soul to the doll. The owners name was Robert Otto and he first
was gift the doll when he was very young. Immediately upon owning the doll Otto said
the thing would speak to him. When it was in his possession in never did
anything horrible but now that its on display at a museum it has been a little more vicious. If people come through and take a picture
of Robert without permission he will curse them and their lives will start to fall apart. There are several ways to attack people I
guess 5 The Bleeding Eyed doll Animal Planet did a special on hauntings and
one episode followed a little girl Brianna and her mother Joan. Like most little girls Brianna had a baby
doll that she would play with all the time. For the most part this one completely innocent
until one day Brianna brought her doll to her mom and told her she needed to clean it
because blood was coming out of the eyes. At first she thought this must have been her
daughters doing, she dosent really understand how creepy bleeding eyes are, she just thinks
its the same as scraping your knee and she probably grabbe some ketchup and put it on
her doll. But it happened again, and then again. And Joan quickly realized that this wasnt
ketchup. She got rid of her daughters doll but that
didnt stop whatever was attached to it to leave the family alone. One night Joan was sitting on the couch when
she felt a grip on her arm. There was no one there but whatever it was
was gripping down so hard it hurt and even left a handprint. They had a priest come and bless the house
but Joan always wish she kept the doll to get blessed as well, because even though she
through it out, who knows where it could end up 4 Caroline This one is an interesting one, now everyone
agrees that the doll Caroline is Haunted but some say that she is harmless. That the spirits who are attached to the doll
while being tricksters, they only like to bug people for laughs and never do anything
harmful. But some people say that the spirits attached
to Caroline are all her previous owners, people she has caused to die so she can collect their
souls. She lulls you into a false sense of security
with her goofy antics and then boom! Youre dead and your spirit is forever attached
to a doll, the classic Im a silly goose so I can steal your soul trick works every time. 3 Joliet This is one of the most horrific on going
family curses attached to a doll. Joliet has been owned by the same family for
4 generations and without fail the doll attacks the family in the same way every time. The doll is passed down from mother to daughter
once she because pregnant. She will give birth to a beautiful baby boy
who has zero complications but will die just three days after being born. The next time the mother is pregnant she will
give birth to a healthy girl who will survive and one day be the new owner of the Joliet
doll. It seems like a horrible curse but the family
refuses to get rid of the doll. Maybe its because they have come to terms
with curse and dont want it to ruin any other families. 2 The Suzy Doll Your just trying to buy a nice thing for your
kids and then next thing you know you got to deal with a category 5 haunting that you
need to call priest for. The doll was originally owned by a young girl
named Heather Platt, she got it for her birthday and like any little kid she fell in love with
the doll named Suzy almost instantly. What little Heather didnt know was that there
was a horrible energy attached to the doll. Not long after the doll was in the home, things
started going missing, items in the home would be found broken and one night heathers mother
saw a dark figure walked into the house. The things really started getting out of hand
when the doll started ripping out Heathers hair when she was sleeping. Not long after that the family enlisted the
help of Lorraine Warren to lock this horrible haunting away. 1 Sophia Alright for the number one spot we have one
of the most legendary creepy dolls. Sophia was originally owned by a young girl
and she would take it to bed with her every night while her grandfather would read her
a bedtime story. As she dozed off her grandfather would always
say the same sentence, dream with me. After this young girls grandfather passed
away something strange started happening with the doll. When she would go to sleep at night the doll
would whisper to her, dream with me. Her parents caught wind of this and decided
that a haunted doll wasnt the best gift for kid so they went to get rid of it. But before they could both of the young girls
parents died in an accident. Now the doll is in a museum and no longer
says the phrase dream with me. Instead it has been replaced with the much
more terrifying phrase die with me. Alright everyone that is our list and as promised
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