So I’m headed to an area called Lakemba in Sydney Australia and it’s supposed to be a very high Muslim population area, kind of like Marxloh or Molenbeek in Europe. I think that in Australia the no-go zone areas wouldn’t be as bad as Europe just because they’ve got less mass immigration, but I’ve heard some pretty, pretty bizarre stories about riots, about attacks, kind of grooming gangs in Lakemba as well. So I want to see what’s actually going on there. Is this actually a no-go zone, how- or is it integrating perfectly? The only way I get to know these things is if I go on the ground and check it out. So, let’s see what we find out in Lakemba. As soon as we arrived in Lakemba things were tense. There were heads turning, people coming out of shops to look at us and find out what we were doing. Men started yelling in Arabic across the street at us. I hadn’t even been in Lakemba ten minutes before someone had tipped off the media and they came running to combat me and tell me this was a perfectly safe area and I had nothing and no reason to be there. Almost immediately the media story was proven to be wrong. As we went to go for a walk to the local mosque, a very high ranked police officer came up to me and begged with me: do not go there. Southern? Speaking. Inspector Rick Agius from county police. Yep. I’ve been informed that you’re intending to attending the Lakemba Mosque, is that correct? I actually have no intentions of attending, I was just planning on walking through the streets and seeing how the culture was here. Yes? Yeah. Are you satisfied with that? Yep! So where do you intend on walking to now? I was just gonna walk out and check how the mosque was. Check where the mosque was? Yeah. Am I- would I not be allowed to attend if I wanted to? Well, I’ve got grave concerns that you might cause the imminent breach of the peace down there, so I’m asking you not to attend. Why would I cause a breach of the peace? Because it’s highly religious down there. So would it be me causing a breach of the peace or would it be the people there? Well your attend- your presence may cause them to be, you know, be offensive or be objected to your attending there. And so that would be them being offended by me. Please, can you turn- not interview me? The local community walk around here without any fear. I walk around here without any fear. Right, but I’m a critic of Islam. Yes. So I can’t be in this a multi culture because my culture is allowed to have free speech and criticize Islam. I understand you have your own beliefs and you’re allowed to have your own beliefs, I have no issue with that. I’m asking you not to attend down there because I have a fear that you may cause an imminent breach of the peace. In doing so, you may commit an offense. Am I allowed to walk through the area? I’m asking- no, I’m asking you not to go down to Haldon Street. You’re asking me, but do I have the legal right to walk down this area? At this point of time no. I know you’re walking away, but I would like to do some interviews. Would I be allowed to do interviews? No, you’re not welcome in there. No, I’m not welc- no, no, no, just to do interviews on the street. Am I allowed to? No. Why not? Because I’m asking you not to. I just- would I be allowed to- would I, okay, no cameras, nothing. Would I be allowed to talk to people and criticize Islam? No. No? No. Why? Because I’m telling you, no, you’re committing an offense. Why do you need to do it here? Because this is a highly Islamic area. What questions do you intend on asking? Could I not talk to people and criticize Islam? What question- why do you want to- I don’t- why do you want to criticize Islam? Like I said, if you’re inside I have fear that you’re gonna cause a breach of the peace. No, you fear people will be offended by me. No, no, no… yeah. Yes? Yes. Yes, thank you. And you’re committing a breach of the peace. I’ve given you that warning, and if you do that, you may be breaking the law. You understand that? Yep, I understand it. I perfectly understand. As far as I’m concerned, you have Sharia law here. As far as I’m concerned. Yeah, we’ll be- we’ll go to jail if we talk to people. As far as I’m concerned, they have Sharia law here. I was told if I talk to people, even if I put all my cameras away, I can’t criticise Islam to people here on a public street in Australia in Sydney. Don’t tell me you don’t have no-go zones. Don’t tell me this is a multicultural country. Lakemba is a monoculture, and it is one that does not allow critique of Islam. It is one that does not allow free speech because it is conquered land.