I'm going to show you even a third wanna order meeting a symbol struggle to extract Ingrid runaway from the police can do pooja Kumar away energy was finally no match for the police officers growing her away than expected force by the police made her trip and address flipped to reveal her lower body with this police lady tried to cover up it wasn't long before she snapped and let go of her decency we met up with her a hospital discussed to this incident I hadn't reached to the extent of valuation but they are estimate because they were they covered me told the public they wanted me straight to naked she doesn't regret her reaction should I just look back when they are working no we are not scared we are not writing whatever item means to save our country we are going to do it she agrees to being embarrassed as a mother but maintains there is a good cause if that is their price I'm supposed to pay to rebut it my country the exact sentiment expressed by the women in a pine air pro there was stark naked as the confronted government officials what come to tell them about impending eviction others world similar in a bikini on Monday while some women wept these elderly woman's 15 protests of a contested lunch there's no doubt that the week appear to be fighting back according to sociologist Chris a person lecturing at Meharry University in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology they're stripping and all non conventional forms of behavior a sociological and can also be explained in anthropological terms from the Marxist and conflict school of folks which analyzed classes in society the bureaucrats but may can enforce laws and then that appearance or those that do not have both the means of production and also power the inconstant flat an operation at every single point in time such consistent oppression he says pushes the weak to the limit and they develop different forms of resistance including the condition one many times the organized and conventional forms of resistance are rare and when they occur among these lawless groups of people they are less effective and of course many times they are easily suppressed by the structures given the machinery that the state probably has a tan on point so the non-conventional methods are an easy follow back plan and have become quite the trend those but you least expect to bring out surprises and they leave a point I really wasn't sure how I was going to react to it but the situation called for some kind of protest the situation human rights activist Barbara al-ahmadi vividly remembers and passionately talks about happened on Friday 20th April 2012 together with another woman they bared their chest after seeing the RSS FBC women's league leader in greeter in a way I was actually disgusted and shocked because we're talking about the police who was supposed to to protect her as opposed to a SOTA this trippin was meant to send a message to the world I felt myself pushed to the wall and that's probably what I would say about the same lady yesterday you know her reaction was probably the fact that she's not given the space you know to express herself and that that's a human right the sociologist says the unconventional methods do save the day for the powerless when the causes are ignored if we don't probably provide room for inclusive decision-making if we don't pay attention to the voices of the voiceless yes I think the train will go ma-1 money Interlochen tin use to threaten to eat more live rats if his wishes continue to be ignored by the government janja Momo Dean fast ate a live rat in front of prison was 7 in 2005 his father – ate one before colonialist in the 1940s if you look at for example the works of James escort he describes it as weapons of the weak Floresta limba in TV