– [Narrator] Even with a
bumpy launch day for Disney+, “The Mandalorian” didn’t fail to reach out and touch ‘Star Wars’ diehards. With more spoilers than
you shake a gaffi stick at. This “IMDbrief” breaks down
the wild western premiere of “The Mandalorian.” George Lucas mashed up
his favorite elements of science fiction, samurai cinema, and cowboy tales, then shot them all into
a galaxy far, far away for the original ‘Star Wars.’ Now, “The Mandalorian”
creator Jon Favreau, homes in on just one of the
40-year mega franchise’s original inspirations. The western. – [The Mandalorian] Yeah, good. – [Narrator] Favreau, who wrote six of the first
season’s eight episodes, describes his bounty hunting antihero, played by Pedro Pascal, as a lone gun fighter in the
tradition of Boba and Jango, but this Mandalorian is as much a Fett as he
is a man with no name. – There’s money to be
made in a place like this. – [Narrator] The first episode, which is directed by “Rebels”
and “Clone Wars” creator Dave Filoni, opens like a Sergio
Leone spaghetti western with the Mando stepping
through the swinging doors of a saloon or since this is ‘Star Wars,’ the auto iris portal of a space cantina. He’s come to collect a bounty and right away, we’re thrust into this gritty underworld of headhunting and torso splitting. (laser gun shooting) Now the Mando may not actually
be a natural born Mandalorian since he describes himself as a foundling and we see a flashback to what may be a “Clone Wars” era raid
of his home planet. That would explain why he’s so
against taking his helmet off to hide that he’s not 100% Mandalorian, but like how would he
even eat in that thing? (foreign language) No, not his Bantha milk!
(baby crying) Anyway, this also hints at
why he immediately cashes in every credit to melt that chunk of extra strong Mandalorian metal down into a tiny shoulder pad. He’s trying to fill the big shoes of the legendary bounty
hunters who came before him. (dramatic musical score) Okay, all the cool stuff that Boba did before he fell into the Sarlacc pit, the Mando got that iron chunk, which “Clone Wars” fans may remember from season two episode “The Mandalore Plot” from a shady off book client, played by German director
slash ‘Grizzly Man,’ Werner Herzog, who has ties to what’s left of the empire. It’s been five years since the second death star was taken out in ‘Return of the Jedi’ and Herzog knows that
the Mando is desperate to renew his people’s past glory. – [Herzog] It is good to restore the natural order of things. Don’t you agree? – [Narrator] Now here’s where
the premiere goes cowboy crazy. The Mando tracks the bounty to a planet, where he’s ambushed by
a beast called a blurrg. An old timer ugnaught, voiced by screen legend Nick Nolte, helps the Mando learn to
ride the bucking bronco or blurrg. – [Herzog] Bounty hunting
is a complicated profession. – [Narrator] Yeah, sounds like it. Then, despite an aversion of droids, who attacked his home when he was a kid, the Mando must team up with
a self-destructing IG-11, who’s voiced by Taika Waititi, because ‘Star Wars’ has
always known the joy of a droid with a funny accent. – [IG-11 Droid] This is true. – [Narrator] The climactic
shootout appears heavily inspired by Sergio Leone’s the
‘Man with No Name’ trilogy with similarly styled adobe buildings and heavy artillery. (old guns shooting) But what’s inside those buildings holds the show’s biggest surprise. A baby yoda. Well, not Yoda’s actual baby or a baby version of him, but an infant of the same species as Yoda and holy sith, is this little guy cute? Now the first season looks
like it’ll take a note from samurai series ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ with the Mando trying to
protect that little green bean from Carl Weathers and
the bounty hunting guild, Werner Herzog and the empire, not to mention if those Nikto, which the Mando killed
to get to baby Yoda, have any friends, – [Storm Troopers] We
have you four to one. – [The Mandalorian] I like those odds. – [Narrator] But, he seems
like he can handle it. For more trending tales
from galaxies far, far away, stay glued to imdb.com/imdbrief.