hello I'm Damien Mitchell scores of comrades congregated in half wait recent enter this morning for people's National Party that protest against corruption it's culminated with opposition leader dr. Peter Phillips presenting a letter to the police to be sent to the Prime Minister demanding Commission's of inquiry into irregularities uncovered at the Ministry of Education and energy it appears that the government and some probation officers may be headed for a collision course when the ministers of justice and national security jointly roll out a child diversion program come November according to probation officers the new system is being implemented on an already strained workforce the national minimum wage commission is to engage the public in consultations on the minimum wage last year the government approved an increase of twelve point nine percent in the national minimum wage pushing it to $7,000 for a 40-hour workweek the Bank of Jamaica today intervened in the foreign exchange market setting 30 million u.s. dollars to authorized dealers and large camp use the BOJ says the move is intended to address temporary demand and supply imbalances in the market near currency trading today one u.s. dollar was being sold for 136 dollars and 34 cents the British Pound Sterling for $169 and 33 cents and the Canadian dollar for 103 dollars and eighty-eight cents in sports the world number two ranked sunshine girls opened their World Cup campaign on Friday at 11 o clock to make a time against Fiji and go shoot Acadian the haney said the team is ready in your weather forecast Friday morning there will be partly cloudy skies across Eastern parishes and mainly sunny conditions elsewhere in the afternoon expect isolated showers and thunderstorms across central and western parishes and windy conditions across southern parishes and that's it for the guida minute I'm Daniel Joe you