The Empire is the largest and most powerful
realm in the Old World. Founded by the warrior-god Sigmar, it is built
up of city-states and provinces that are bound together under the rule of the Emperor. However, it faces dire circumstances it is
a realm in constant turmoil, beset by all sides by the ferocious and the unholy, and
to survive, The Empire is constantly at war. I am Karl Franz, and I was born into this
world, just like you. A world of unceasing war and endless terrors. But with a nation of men at its heart, a bastion
of hope and courage: The Empire. The Empire lies at the heart of the Old World. Truly, it is a land of ever-present danger
where death and war are never too far away. Yet despite the bloodshed this great nation
endures still, its cities and military strongholds forming bulwarks against the sea of savagery. At the dawn of the Age of Iron, when men first
learned the secrets of its forging from the Dwarfs, the tribes of men were scattered and
fearful of the Orcs. In those days the Orcs did rampage far and
wide across the lands of the Old World. From far in the east they came slaying mankind
wherever they went. In desperation, a great cry went up to the
skies from wretched mankind. “Who can deliver us?” An heir was born to the chief of the Unberogens,
greatest of the tribes of Men and his birth was heralded by a twin-tailed comet. This was the holy Sigmar of which the sacred
legends speak. A mighty warrior who could withstand a thousand
orcs on his own. Orcs slunk back at his approach and even Dwarfs
sung his saga. The Empire’s very birth was forged in battle:
the legendary warrior Sigmar Heldenhammer united the primitive tribes of humans in order
to drive off the hordes of Orcs & Goblins in the terrible Battle of Blackfire Pass,
which was the culmination of Sigmar’s campaign to cleanse the lands of the Empire of Orcs
and Goblins. Songs say that half of the Greenskins of the
Worlds Edge Mountains were slain that day. It is also said that there has never been
a greater concentration of crows in all the world gathered to feast on the stinking and
unburied corpses of the Greenskins at Black Fire Pass. So many greenskins died on that battle that
it would be over a thousand years before the Orcs and Goblins again raise such an army,
even with their prodigious reproduction rates. This battle saw the power of the Greenskin
races broken in the lands of Men, and drove them into the Bad Lands, their current domain. After the Battle of Blackfire Pass, the humans
returned to their lands, but not to their old ways. All the tribal chiefs recognized that humanity
was safer united than divided and they knew that only one among them could truly make
that unity a reality. Thus, at Reikdorf one year after the Battle
of Blackfire Pass, Sigmar was proclaimed the Emperor of Man before the assembled representatives
of the human tribes and even Dwarfs recognized him as a worthy ally. Before him knelt the tribal chiefs, who swore
brotherhood to each other and fealty to Emperor Sigmar and the newborn Empire of Man. This moment marks the start of the Imperial
Calendar and occurred in the year 1. All the years of Sigmar’s reign were a time
of peace and great interval growth for the Empire. For the land and unity he had created was
greater than any one man, any one dynasty. It belonged to the people it had been made
for, and it would be guarded by their strength, existing eternally in their minds and souls. Fifty years after ascending the throne, Sigmar
announced his abdication to the assembled Counts and the high priests of the various
cults. He put aside his crown and journeyed eastwards. Sigmar offered one final goodbye to the people
he so loved. And thus turned towards his destiny… To take his rightful place in the everlasting
company of the Gods. The Time of Sigmar passed, and he became a
legend, the heroic forebearer of his people. Temples and shrines were built to his memory
and within a generation, he was worshipped as a god. The Elector Counts, who are originally the
tribal chieftains that aided Sigmar in his many wars against the greenskins are the rulers
of their own provinces. They forge their alliances, maintain their
militaries and run their governments, each facing unique challenges and enemies. However, their strength together has always
been the source of their greatest victories. In this episode, were are going to visit some
places of interest within the vast lands of the Empire. First, we have Altdorf in Reikland, the capital
of The Empire. The richest and most powerful province whose
Elector, Karl Franz, is also the current Emperor. Altdorf is home of the Colleges of Magic and
all manner of arts and sciences flourish and is second to none in its splendor. The city of Middenheim in Middenland is built
upon a towering crag rising up out of the great forest. It is an impregnabe fortress and is the City
of The White Wolf. In this place, during the End Times, numerous
armies fought in a cataclysmic battle that would decide the fate of the Warhammer world. The Drakwald Forest is a dense region that
lies between Middenland and Nordland. Few roads penetrate far into the deep forest. So thick is the forest canopy that a traveler
could walk for weeks without seeing the sun. In the darkest places are found the totems
and encampments of the beastmen, other foul creatures and even forgotten secrets. Twisted by the mutating powers of Chaos, the
Beastmen hunger for violence. Venturing forth from the darkest forests to
kill and destroy in the name of their foul gods. Ostland, snow bound and windswept, marches
with Kislev and is the bastion of the Empire against Orc and Chaos invasions alike. Her warriors are well accustomed to war and
know little comfort in their great fortresses. Nuln is the Empire´s second largest city
and it sits at the heart of the Old World´s southern trade routes. Here lies The Imperial Artillery School and
it trains men in the art of blackpowder weaponry. The
brave crews use their expert knowledge of gigantic war machines to provide supporting
fire for Imperial cavalry and infantry units. Lastly, there is the cursed land of Sylvania,
the most infamous of the provinces. Travelers are warned to keep their distance
from this cursed soil, its ruined castles and mansions. It was here that the dreaded Vampire Counts
rose hundreds of years ago. These aristocrats of the night sent their
hordes of zombies and skeletons to ravage all the lands between the sea and the Worlds
Edge Mountains. Only after centuries of war they were finally
defeated at the Battle of Hel Fen with the combined forces of Men and Dwarf. The armies of the Empire are professional,
well-disciplined and led by some of the finest generals in history. Facing attacks from every border, the soldiers
defend humanity against countless invaders. The backbone of the Empire´s diverse army
is its regiments of well-drilled infantry; serried ranks of disciplined state troops
fighting shoulder to shoulder to defend the Empire. Common men with their own ambitions and fears,
but willing to give their lives for their homes, their loved ones and their faith. Pistolier regiments comprise young nobles
eager to fight for their Emperor but who are not yet experienced or old enough to join
the Reiksguard. They are known for their recklessness and
hunger for victory. Empire Wizards hone their arts in the Collegue
of Magic. They are able to harness the power of the
gods to cast deadly spells across the battlefield. Armoured knights, warrrior priests, black-powder
artillery and courageous heroes riding atop imperial Griffons also support the army of
The Empire. With an unending chain of constant warfare,
the armies of the Empire are brimmed with grizzled Veterans of many campaigns, each
one lead by an even greater man of strength, valor and heroic leaderships. In the Imperial year 2302, when the Empire
was in the middle of a civil war, the largest Chaos incursion since ancient times erupted,
threatening to conquer the Old World. Led by the warlord, Asavar Kul, the Chaos
horde swept over Kislev. Magnus, a Noble of the Empire travelled across
the lands, delivering great speeches condemning the invaders and restating the Empire’s duty
to oppose the evil surging from the north. Uniting the people a under common cause, he
marched north gathering more and more warriors with each place he visited. Magnus assembled the largest army in Imperial
history, splitting it between infantry and cavalry. Flagellants marched next to the mercenaries
and state troops of all the Elector Counts, hedge wizards advanced alongside ordinary
citizens who hated Chaos. The force marched north to Kislev to meet
the Chaos legions, who were opposed only by the remnants of the Kislevite armies and a
small Dwarf force. What followed was a fierce battle. At the Battle of Four Gates, Magnus and his
allies vanquished Kul and his horde. After the Great War, Magnus “the Pious”, as
he posthumously became known, was elected Emperor and re-established Imperial government. Despite surviving one of the greatest threats
The Empire of Man has ever faced, uncountable threats still prey upon the lands of men to
this day. Though The Empire has not always been united
according to Sigmar´s vision and has even suffered long periods of internal strife,
it has always stood strong against those forces that would threaten its survival, especially
if under the leadership of a capable Emperor. Karl Franz was elected to the Imperial title
in 2502 IC, he is acclaimed as a patron of the arts and science, as a military innovator,
and as a valiant general. The Emperor frequently takes personal command
of his troops, wielding Ghal Maraz, the fabled magical warhammer used by Sigmar himself. He rides atop Deathclaw, his Griffon mount
of many years. A powerful bond exists between beast and master,
one forged in countless battles and many adventures. Thanks to his tireless efforts on the behalf
of its people, the Empire has flourished during his reign like never before: the Imperial
Engineers School in Altdorf has grown, the Colleges of Magic have thrived and his armies
have marched from victory to victory. Now the year is 2522 and it is the reign of
Emperor Karl Franz. The Empire has rebuilt and grown powerful,
but evil still lurks in the depths of the land. Mutant monsters prowl in its dark forests,
malevolent ratmen plot beneath its cities and the living dead rise from the graveyards. Old enemies look enviously across its broders
and the threat of invasion from greenskins and Chaos-worshipping barbarians is an ever-present
danger. Whatever foul form this enemy takes and from
whichever direction the strike comes – the doom of the realm seemingly draws near. The armies of The Empire must hold the line
against these unrelenting dangers. They must not waver and cannot fail, for if
The Empire falls, the civilized world will be drowned in a tide of blood and death. Only through the actions of its valiant heroes
has it repelled the numerous invasions brought against it. Only through the faith and bold deeds of men,
our beloved Empire endures.