The Antidote: Six happy things to read about today, November 25

David Kolibasoga will be returning to Raukura/Rotorua Boys High School thanks to a scholarship.

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David Kolibasoga will be returning to Raukura/Rotorua Boys High School thanks to a scholarship.

We live in extraordinary times. There is a pandemic. The planet is dying. Everything gets a little carried away some days. So every day of the week we give you a much-needed dose of positivity to remind you that there is inspiration, kindness and whimsy, too.

In the footsteps of Lomo

A Fijian national of New Zealand origin who grew up worshiping All Black Jonah Lomu has been awarded a scholarship in his name.

David Kolibasoga, 16, has been awarded the inaugural Jonah Lomu Scholarship. The scholarship was started by Lomo’s sons Dirrell and Braille, and his widow Nadine.

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“I watched him quite a bit when I was younger, I wanted to be like him [Jonah Lomu]The eleventh year student said in a statement.

Receiving the scholarship means that Kulebasuga can return to Rakura/Rotorua Boys High School as a limit. He was in school before, before his mother died. He had to go and live with his uncle in Auckland.

Kulibasuga added happily, “I’d rather be in the hostel here than anywhere else. I feel safe, comfortable and confident.”

A brother’s love makes Adam heard

In England, ITV reports that 9-year-old Sean Porter has developed an app to help his six-year-old brother Adam communicate. Adam has autism and Shaun felt that the app, which was originally created for a school project, would only be created if he created it himself.

The program displays a soundboard panel with pictures on its buttons which plays the relevant questions and data. Adam can now tell others the basics of what he might want to do in one day.

Sean was happy that his work was helping his brother and “absolutely amazed” that his work could end up helping so many.

Kristel Yardley / The Stuff

Peribono Brown came across a miserable mother and her starving baby last week outside the Tainoi Superrite in Tokoroa. She says she was “lucky enough to be helped”.

Kindness during lockdown

To celebrate 100 days of the Auckland area lockdown, things Reporter Georgia Forrester highlights glimmers of hope and moments of gratitude and kiwi kindness during this period.

These are the lockdown stories that made people smile, and reminded others of the hope and humanity that lives in a time of crisis.

Some little surprises

The Orokonui Ecosanctuary in Dunedin has some surprising newcomers.

Rare kārearea chicks (New Zealand hawk) are found during nest removal. The lifespan of the triple award is believed to be only one week.

Replacing hate with visual joy

An Italian street artist has replaced the symbols and sentiments of fascism with a sweet treat.

Reuters Reports suggest that Pier Paolo Spinazze AKA Cibo (meaning food in Italian) has turned hate speech in the Verona Tunnel into more mouth-watering desserts.

Labels are transformed into colorful and delicious cupcakes, pizza and caprese salad. Capo has been giving back to his community in this way for some time.

Capo explained, “The important thing is to rediscover values ​​that we may have forgotten…we must remind ourselves.”

Kate Bishop takes her shot

Late last night, Marvel Studios’ latest live action series premiered the first two episodes of its six-episode season.

Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld from the movie Hawk.


Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld from the movie Hawk.

hook, which draws heavily on the works of Kelly Thompson, Matt Fraser, and David Aga, and sits squarely in a somewhat specific subgenre of movement/Christmas and has echoes of die hard And Home Alone Films.

thingsAcademy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld has been praised by James Crout for her charismatic role as Hawk Co-Captain/Hawk Reserve Kate Bishop.

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