[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] julian assange testified by video link he was quite relaxed he was in prison he was asked if he was willing to go to the United States he said absolutely not he's a journalist he's protected by the First Amendment and he's not going to go to the United States he's gonna fight extradition he had dozens of supporters outside the courtroom who couldn't get in and they were furious at being excluded and they were chanting and condemning the judge and screaming shame on you to the judge so it was fairly dramatic in there and quite disrupted it's a small courtroom and a lot of people trying to get in today was the start of the extradition hearing Assange said he's not going to go to the US he's going to fight it the next step is a hearing on May 30 followed by a more important hearing on June 12 and the whole process probably won't get underway at full speed for another few months when we'll have the full extradition hearing and it may be a year or two before we know whether he's able to avoid going to the United States mr. Sanjay's lawyers say he's suffering from a frozen shoulder and from severe dental pain and needs medical care I must say he looked much better than when he was arrested he was relaxed he's gotten a haircut he looks much healthier his skin looks good he doesn't show obvious signs of being in pain but he was confined for a long time without medical treatment so I don't really know what sort of help he needs at this point