Today, I want to unbox Before that, I have 2 announcements First, are you interested to join if I do an event to play Beyblade with me? If interested, please fill in the survey below at video description or pinned comment Second, as anticipated, I will announce the winner of previous Beyblade video giveaway Two winners will be selected The first winner is… The second winner is… Don’t be sad if you did not win, as at the end of the video, I will do another So stay tuned till end of video Lets see the box You can see the picture of the stadium and we will also get Strike God Valkyrie Mugen Mugen means Infinity See the below Mugen Beystadium is an electric stadium which has magnet at the center Lets see the back Here showing the Beyblade Lets unbox The stadium The parts Let me organize first These what we will get in a set This is the manual It shows how to setup the stadium and beyblade Next, the instruction on which suitable launcher to be used with the beyblade The sticker, which I had completed sticking Lets see the layer Very nice Strike God Valkyrie It has nice color combination of black, purple, orange and gold The god ability is the same as God Valkyrie which is “Bound Attack” But with Strike God Chip installed, it would be more powerful and can burst other beyblade easily Next we see the Strike God Chip Next the Mugen driver It’s quite heavy and will magnetize itself in the center The Mugen driver only works with Right spin layers Drain Fafnir and Legend Spriggan left spin mode etc. cannot be used The stickers [1,2,3] on it states its level. The higher the level, the harder to burst At level 3, it’s called Jashin Mode where Jashin means “evil god” refering to the purple black color of the layer Strike God Chip can only be detached and attached by the included Metal God Chip tool. Let me show you how to install the chip First you attach the chip to the layer Using the tool, spin the lock until you hear the click sound Here you can see the level and choose which level you want This part is the electronic part at the center where it automatically spin the beyblade The On/Off switch. It require 3 AA batteries Make sure you close it SO FAST! It has two modes, Mugen Beyblade mode and Tornado mode Currently the black plate is the Mugen mode To change the plate, push here Next we put the yellow plate for Tornado mode In Tornado mode, allows Beyblades that goes into the center getting aggressively rotated by tornado plate Mugen Beyblade mode, by using the black plate it allows the stadium to use the mugen driver which magnetize itself in the center and spin until it is defeated by over finish and burst finish Lastly, the stadium It’s quite big compared to the standard stadium This is how you install the electronic part Let test the stadium We start with mugen mode where Strike God Valkyrie is placed at the center magnetized It will battle with Strike God Valkyrie or God Valkyrie, which is the best?! Let test 2 beyblades VS the Strike God Valkyrie Now we test the Tornado mode Okay guys, how’s the video? SUPERB right? The stadium was awesome! So what are you waiting for? Go buy fast and you can train hard! I heard rumors that during the Malaysia Qualifier tournament, Mugen stadium will be used If it is true, you are lucky as you had experience training at the stadium I will put the link at video description where you can buy the stadium For more information on Beyblade in Malaysia, please like this facebook page and subscribe this youtube channel As anticipated, as promised, I will do another GIVEAWAY The winner will win 1 set of Mugen BeyStadium DX Follow the steps on how to win at video description and pinned comment Please like, comment, share this video and subscribe this channel. Also please like my face book page and instagram See you on the next video