Interviewer: Well congratulations on season
3 coming back. Sullivan Stapleton: Thanks. Interviewer: So what can you tease about what
is coming up for Scott this season? Sullivan Stapleton: Well Scott, I don’t know.
I think he’s grown up a little bit. Interviewer: A little bit more – Sullivan Stapleton: Yeah, yeah, we are getting
to some bigger stunts and more mayhem. I go on holidays with Stonebridge, well Scott goes
on holiday with Stonebridge, and you know I think he starts to question how this affects
his life and starts to really think about that which is kind of what I’ve been pushing
for. Interviewer: Scott and Stonebridge on holidays. Sullivan Stapleton: I know – he – Stonebridge
you know, — master. He busted in on me. Interviewer: So now in the third season with
all the fan interactions and everything, how has that been – how has it been meeting the
fans and talking about the show. Sullivan Stapleton: We just got here but you
know, obviously we are doing well. It’s our third year, hopefully we get a fourth. But
we had a great night last night with the wounded warriors, being the wounded warrior project
for injured serviceman. We screened S12 for them. Those boys said they enjoyed it and
said that we didn’t do such a bad job. Yeah I am kind of twisted up speaking about it
because it’s the biggest compliment that we can get, doing what we do. Interviewer: From professionals? Sullivan Stapleton: Yeah, from the real guys
that we act or portray, you know, and we had this night last night, it was fuckin’ awesome. Interviewer: Now with all the training you
guys have been doing over the seasons. Do you find that some of it just sort of bleeds
over into your day to day life and you start thinking the way your character might think
in that situation? Sullivan Stapleton: A little bit. A little
bit. I nearly got shot last year in Johannesburg. It is kind of funny that this guy threatened
myself and my driver and one of the wardrobe girls and threatened to shoot me and I ended
up fighting him in the car, I just grabbed his hands. Yeah and then the shock wears off
and you drive away and you go, I just grabbed his hands and I probably should have fucking
just got out of the car and just give him the car and you just you know that coulda
hurt and you coulda got shot and you probably wouldn’t been able to go that’s alright, the
squib didn’t go off, can we do another take? It would have been for real. Interviewer: Don’t do this at home, on screen
totally fine. Sullivan Stapleton: Yeah. Interviewer: So how would you describe now
you mention the whole vacationing between Scott and Stonebridge. How is the relationship
between these two guys. Even stronger this year? Sullivan Stapleton: Yeah we were on vacation
together. Where is he? It is. You know every year in the show as the character – I don’t
think these characters can do what they do, going to those kind of battles and situations
and not continue to earn more trust and respect and love for each other. Interviewer: So let us talk about the moments.
You are mentioning all, the bigger. Sullivan Stapleton: It is like bromance. Interviewer: Keeping it real. Sullivan Stapleton: Yeah, Yeah. Interviewer: So speaking of moments, big explosions
and all that, but speaking of moments, what moment sticks with you or what moments that
stick with you from the third season. Even to this day. Sullivan Stapleton: Jumping out of a chopper
onto a moving train, getting thrown off that train, stealing a motorbike or riding the
motorbike in front of the train then the tracks. Getting attacked by a dog, stealing a truck
and parking the truck in front of the train which blows up and we saved the day. Interviewer: That’s quite a moment. Sullivan Stapleton: That’s a moment. That’s
one stunt, that’s one sequence. Interviewer: Wow that is insane. Sullivan Stapleton: Yeah especially when you
are riding a motorbike in front of the train. Just going if I fall off at this point in
time, I hope to god I can get this motorbike off the tracks. Interviewer: One final question for you. What
message do you have for the fans as they get ready for season 3? Sullivan Stapleton: Just watch the show. That’s
it. Love the show I love the show I love making the show so watch the show please. Actually
not please just watch the fucking show it is a great show. Do yourself a favor.