[music playing] Get out of here, Rene. Ah! [auctioneer chant] Yup. $115 125 [auctioneer chant] Yup. [auctioneer chant] Hey, I was bidding over here. You have to raise
your own bid– You’ve got you got
to pay attention. [laughter] I was bidding over here. I saw it. I witnessed it. Auctioneer has the right
to re-open the bid. Don’t listen to Dave. Dave will do anything
to undermine me. Well, I thought
I was in it, but– Don’t think I told you that. You were 165, Mary. Rookie. Hey, I don’t blame Dan. It’s hard to see the little
buyers over the big ones. Learn how to catch a bid. Sorry about that, Mary. – Learn how to catch a bid?
– It’s all right. I missed you. I’ll watch you better now. You got two auctioneers,
and you’re still missing bids. Oh, come on now. At least you admit it. You admit it, right? No, I didn’t admit it. Actually, I didn’t see your bid. I saw it. I think you were
at 165, and you maybe you thought you were at 170. Playing favorites. You know, Dave, I’d shut
your mouth if I were you. I can kick your ass. I’m just saying what I saw.
I’m just saying what I saw. Well, you want to know what?
You’re starting trouble. – Dan, you didn’t see [bleep].
– I did. I was [bleep] right next to her. You didn’t see anything. You’re just acting like
you saw [bleep] so you can give me some problems. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] Don’t
give me any [bleep] because I don’t need you [bleep].
– I know. Open your eyes. You need some help. My eyes are [bleep] open,
Dave, and if you don’t like it, get the [bleep] out. Really? Security! Oh. Real fight. – Really?
– That’s it! That’s it! You can stop it. Works done. [bleep]. Stop. [bleep]. Stop it. Oh, really? Security! Stop. Dave. Dave, stop. [bleep] why [bleep]. – Son of a bitch!
– Come on. Come on. Come on. Stop. Are you OK, Dan? You’re the one that
landed on your [bleep].. You’re a son of a [bleep]. You like throwing me down? That’s my wife. I’m not done. I know. I know. [inaudible] Get the [bleep] out of
this auction, you [bleep].. Out of here. Come on, guys. Grab my hat for me. You put your
hands on him first. Camera’s right there. You put your
hands on him, so get the [bleep] out of my auction. You’re done. You’re gone. Who said that
[bleep] ain’t real? I’m hiding. This is bull-[bleep]. Don’t want to deal with
this type of stuff. There’s a lot of
animosity and hatred you can see between us and him. I mean, I heard that these
guys can fight like that, but never seen it,
and I’m freaked out. I wouldn’t even have
mentioned the bid if I’d known everyone was going to go crazy. I don’t know what
happened to these guys. They got heat
stroke or whatever, but I got a big fat unit
that’s super colorful, and I paid nothing for. [music playing] [auctioneer chant] [whistle] Five. [auctioneer chant] A thousand bucks. For this? [auctioneer chant] Yes. Yeah. [auctioneer chant] – That locker wants me. [auctioneer chant] Yeah. Brandy might be
freaking out right now, but I have this under control. [auctioneer chant] Yeah. [auctioneer chant] Let him have it. I did. [auctioneer chant] Darrell, you got it for 1550. Put your head in there, Dave. [bleep] Sometimes you just
have to remind people where they started, Dave. You know that. Yeah, you’re the original
gambler, my [bleep].. Come on. Get back over here, Dave. Pull your skirt down. Don’t [bleep]. Come at– come at me
with that dumb-dumb-[bleep] one more time there. Dumb-[bleep]. Slap you right in your face. Do it. You’re not going to
tell me to shut my mouth. It’s wide open, Dave. Shut your [bleep]
mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
– Are going to shut it? Do something, all right. You going to shut
it for me, or what? [bleep] you. OK. Now what? I don’t have time
to waste on you. Yeah. Come up close to me. See what happens mother-[bleep]. [inaudible],, you’re
the one saying you’re going to walk over
here and shut my mouth. I didn’t say that.
You did. It’s exactly what
you [bleep] said. All right.
So [bleep] you. Yeah. [bleep] you, too. I can play that game. I can get on your
level and just– I know. I see your daddy standing
in the middle as usual. OK. Brandon will kill him. There he is.
He’s gone. So now what do you want to do? You want to come up on me? – I’m waiting on you.
– You want to come up on me? You’re the one that
said, say it again, and you’re going to
do something about it. So [bleep] do it. Exactly. Shut your [bleep] [bleep]. [bleep] you. Maybe it’s the
heat, but these girls got their panties in a bunch. Look at you, kid. Steroids. You’ve been juicing, huh? You all revved up. You know what? I feel so calm. I have like a
really calm spirit. It’s funny. Oh, great. Dave is here. You know what, let’s just
make a good day of this. How much trouble
would I get if I were to slice a competitor’s tires? You’re not going
to get that dark rainy piss [bleep] black cloud
rain on your parade today. I tell you what. I’ll start on every unit with
$200 if you just kick out Dave. I don’t care what
the units look like. I’ll kick on every
unit with $200. To destroy everybody. [bleep] If you’re good at something,
why change it out? She said you’re out of here. Go talk to somebody else. Oh my god. You here for the auction? Nobody else talks to
this [bleep],, so he’s got to bother the elderly. That’s pretty bad if
you call me an [bleep].. If that guy bothers
you, let me know. I’ll punch him in
his face for you. [music playing] Breathe in. Breathe out. Ah, [bleep] it. Don’t ever threaten me again. Look at these guys. [bleep]. You like a little
darling [bleep]?? Why do you get
so freaky out, man? Dan, it’s all cool. He just wants to– he
wants to be like me. I think it’s cute. Don’t [bleep] twist it. I think it’s cute. I think it’s– You’re [bleep] confused. I think it’s cute. You bought my book, didn’t you? How to be a douche-bag
and a [bleep] loser? Give him some
schnitzel or something. Hey, you can buy the book, too. It’s called, “Dave
Hester’s Art of Auction.” HR huffing stuff over there. Are you always
talking about me? You want some pictures?
Do you want a hug? What is it that you need? You want some advice
how to run a business? I’m sorry, Brian. I guess we didn’t
get anything today. You really should’ve
helped me out. That couch though will
be awesome on my website. That’s great. You’ve been practicing that? I know you guys upset that
we back and I’m coming back up here, but just let it happen.
OK? All right. Come on. Hey, Rene. Focus. Ignore the buzzards. This is a really good unit. Girl’s stuff always sells really
good in front of the store. Start it out. This looks like somebody
got out of their apartment really fast. Lots of mystery tubs. I would be more than happy
to make somebody pay for this. Here we go. Number 20. [auctioneer chant] 50 bucks. [auctioneer chant] Yup. Where? Where?
– I don’t know. Sold. [auctioneer chant] They laugh now,
but I’ll be laughing later all the way to the bank. Hey, I think this is a
really good buy [inaudible].. Let’s go. Find the auction
and buy more units. Let’s see if you
get anything today. If I get anything? You’re coming back
for your $25 locker. [interposing voices] You want to bet on that? You want to bet on that? Shut up. – Shut up, and keep talking.
– Don’t tell me to shut up. I told you to shut up. Tell him to shut up. [interposing voices] Well, you have a
big [bleep] mouth. [interposing voices] Young people, they
always got big balls. They always want to
talk [bleep] until you– Who invited the
Kool-Aid man over here? The Kool-Aid man? How old are you? I’m 22. Damn! I’m like triple his age. I had a lot of fun
when I was in college. You could be– we
could be related. [sound effect] [laughter] What do you think is
important in an auction? To make money. Well, that’s the goal. But what’s important in auction? To buy units. No, important is not
to have a big mouth. Important part is bring cash. Let’s see. Oh, I got it. I got it. I don’t need to show you. You’ll see when I buy the units. That’s OK. Young buck. I hate it when
inexperienced millennials talk crap and can’t back it up. Why don’t you go buy
some avocado toast? When I find a unite
with a wheelchair in it, I’ll make sure I purchase
it just for you, OK? OK. [laughter] Yeah. You better put me
in a wheelchair. [inaudible] Oh! Hey. Don’t [bleep] me. You give him some
space there, Rene. Don’t push me like that.
OK? And I thought
I was the a-hole. [sound effect]