White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham
on Friday scolded congressional Democrats and the news media for the tone of their responses
to the death of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, who led the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s
Quds Force. Soleimani, who the White House said was planning
future attacks on Americans, was killed on Thursday by a U.S. drone strike as he was
leaving the Baghdad airport. Grisham appeared the next day on Fox Business
Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” Dobbs opened the segment by making his feelings
clear. “The president is to be congratulated, the
administration, and the national security team in particular for taking out a man who
is responsible for hundreds and hundreds of American lives being lost in Iraq and the
spread of state-sponsored terrorism from Iran,” he said. Grisham replied by calling the event “a
great day for our country.” “Because of the president’s decisive action
thousands more American lives and other lives will be saved,” she said “This man, this terrorist was brutal, and
not only was he responsible for hundreds of deaths of Americans, but thousands of horrible
injuries to Americans and others. He wasn’t going to stop targeting Americans. That’s something to think about,” she
said. Grisham said Trump needed to act, and did. “The president, you know, he knew there
was imminent danger. We had good intel that there was imminent
danger and that Americans were going to be killed and so he took the bold and oftentimes
hard action that he had to as president knowing that he was going to save lives and save lives
then and in the future, too,” she said. Dobbs replied by castigating the Democratic
response to the attack. “It’s as if they are completely unhinged.” “Well, they are,” Grisham replied. “You know, I continue to be so disappointed
by these Democrats. No matter what this president does, it is
not good enough,” she said. “The Democrats should be happy along with
the rest of this country that American lives were saved, and instead they were complaining
that they weren’t notified. You know, time is of the essence when things
like this are going down and the president does have constitutional authority to protect
Americans when they are in danger.” Grisham that responded to the stream of complaints
from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York. “Also, I would say that, you know, Schumer
was complaining that he wasn’t briefed, and then when he got briefed today, he was
complaining that it wasn’t good enough and he still had questions,” she said. Dobbs then added his two cents about briefing
Democrats. “I think a good case could be built, it
would be utterly irrational of the Trump administration to brief the very people who are trying to
unseat him, remove him from power, to overthrow his presidency and who have done everything
in their power to do so,” Dobbs said, wishing that a neutral voice in the media would emerge
to call out Democrats on their reactions. “Well, I’m going to say because there
is no mutual voice in the media right now. You know, The Washington Post talked about
Soleimani as ‘the most revered military leader,’” Grisham said. She said the media is peddling fear. “Again, we’re getting into, you know,
he was a terrorist. He was a murderer. I felt watching cable news today, it was like
they were hoping for retaliation. You know, they are, like, scaring the American
public for ratings. I don’t understand why, again, the media
and the Democrats aren’t happy along with the rest of this country that our president
took the bold action to kill a murderer. “We should all be very proud today, and
we should all be very happy that American lives were saved,” she said.