With the resistance of Leia Organa severely
weakened and the First Order of Kylo Ren taking the place of the New republic, a message was
transmitted across the galaxy, announcing the return of Emperor Palpatine, also known
as the Sith Master Darth Sidious, threatening revenge upon his enemies. Knowing that Palpatine was a threat to his
power, Kylo Ren set out to kill him and used a Wayfinder to find Exegol, the hidden world
of the Sith in the Unknown regions. Though the Dark Lord was in poor physical
condition and attached to machines, the Sith Eternal who followed him were numerous, and
it was clear he still possessed a great deal of dark side power. Having survived his death in the battle of
Endor, likely through Midichlorian manipulation learned from his master Darth Plagueis, Sidious
revealed to Kylo that he was behind most of what occurred following the war, including
the creation of Snoke and the First Order, as well as the voices in his head which led
him to the Dark Side. After the defeat of the First Empire, Sidious
retreated to the Unknown Regions, where the Sith Eternal cultists lived for many years,
building a second secret empire and fleet, manned by the planet’s population which
was entirely devoted to the worship of the Dark Side. Using these followers and others, Sidious
manipulated events from the shadows, ensuring that the Imperial Remnants and New Republic
exhausted themselves in battle, allowing for the First Order to take power and set the
stage for the Sith Empire preparing to strike from Exegol, consisting of the greatest fleet
ever constructed, with thousands of advanced Star Destroyers. All of this, he offered to Kylo Ren, who might
rule as a Sith Emperor, but only if he kills Palpatine’s granddaughter Rey who was a
potential rival to their power. Accepting the mission, Kylo returned to his
ship and announced their merger with the Sith Fleet and claimed there was a spy among them,
causing General Pryde to immediately suspect General Hux. After the destruction of Starkiller Base,
the project leader General Hux suffered a severe blow to his reputation, allowing Pryde
to become the highest ranking officer under Kylo Ren. However Hux was determined to win back his
power and so started leaking classified information to the Resistance, hoping that they might
help bring down his political rivals. The information from hux was sent through
a Resistance contact to Poe, Finn, Chewie and R2D2 who brought it back to Resistance
headquarters on Ajan Kloss, where Rey was training under General Leia and studying ancient
Jedi texts. However the young Jedi continued to struggle
with the Dark Side, like when she was contacted by Kylo Ren while running an obstacle course,
causing her to lash out in anger and fell a tree which damaged BB8. Returning from their mission, Finn and the
team brought back the First Order intel, which confirmed Palpatine was alive on the hidden
world of Exogal, in possession of the largest fleet in the galaxy. Knowing she needed to stop him, Rey recalled
Luke Skywalker’s notes about trying to locate this world, and so started her search where
he left off, going to the planet Pasaana, joined by Finn, Poe, chewie, C3PO and BB8,
aboard the millennium Falcon. While on Pasaana, Rey was again contacted
by Kylo Ren, who physically removed a ceremonial necklace from her and had it analyzed to reveal
their location. Under threat from the First Order, Rey and
her allies were rescued by Lando Calrisian, who lived on the planet and noticed their
presence. Having been with Luke during the mission to
find Exegol, his information led them into the desert where they found a dagger with
writing that could lead to a wayfinder and ultimately Exegol, on the remains of Ochi
of Bestoon, a Sith Loyalist and Jedi Hunter working for Palpatine. Confronted by the First Order as they tried
to leave the planet, Chewie and the dagger were captured leading Rey to use the force
to try and stop the transport ship from leaving. Yet when Kylo countered her efforts, Rey lost
her composure and channelled the darkside, creating a blast of force lightening which
destroyed the ship. Believing that Chewie was dead and the dagger
lost, Rey and the others escaped on Ochi’s ship, making their way to Kijimi, where a
droidsmith could retrieve the necessary information from C3PO’s memory, as he read what was
on the blade but was mechanically incapable of speaking this forbidden language. Thanks to Zorii Bliss, an old friend of Poe
from his days as a Spicerunner, they found the droidsmith Babu Frik, and retrieved the
message which stated the Sith wayfinder was on a moon in the endor system. Yet before they could leave, Rey sensed that
Chewbacca was still alive aboard Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer, and with a FO captain’s
medallion, given to them by Zorii Bliss they infiltrated the enemy ship. Splitting up, Poe and Finn rescued Chewbecca
only to be captured soon after, while Rey found the Sith Dagger but was once again contacted
by Kylo Ren. Having learned the truth from the Emperor,
Kylo revealed that she was sold as a child to protect her from Palpatine, and her parents
died at the hands of his servant Ochi the Jedi Hunter. Realizing she was on his ship, Kylo returned
to his star destroyer and confronted Rey in person, and at last revealed the ultimately
truth about her past, that Rey’s father was the son of the Emperor. And while Sidious wanted Kylo to kill Rey,
he had no intention of obeying and instead wanted her to join him in killing the Dark
Lord so they could rule the galaxy together. With Kylo as the Grandson of Darth Vader and
Rey as the Granddaughter of Darth Sidious, they both had enormous force potential as
individuals but even more so together, as the connection between them was in fact a
Diad in the Force, a rare condition not seen in generations, which allowed two force users
to combine their powers and act as one. With Sidious unaware of the extent of their
force bond, they might have an advantage if they attack him together, but Rey could not
be swayed and escaped with her allies, who were set free by the spy General Hux. Though he took a wound to the leg to cover
up his betrayal, General Pride was not convinced by his story, and immediately executing Hux
as a traitor. Arriving in the Endor Syste, Rey and the others
met with a resistance contact and with the Dagger located the wayfinder among wreckage
from the second deathstar. After experiencing a force vision in which
Rey was confronted by her own dark side, the wayfinder ended up in the hands of Kylo Ren
who just arrived. Destroying it, to force her to work with him,
she instead attacked in anger fought a duel ending with Kylo victorious. Yet as he moved to strike the killing blow,
he was contacted through the force by his mother Leia, who used the last of her life
energy to try bringing him back to the lightside. This feeling led him to drop his lightsaber,
allowing rey to catch it and stab him through the stomach, at which point they both felt
Leia’s death. Realizing what she’d done, Rey used force
healing to save his life, and claimed the person she felt connected to was Ben Solo,
and not Kylo Ren. With Rey departing aboard his Tie fighter,
Kylo was left to think about his life and after remembering his father, at last resolved
the conflict within him, and abandoned the dark side, becoming Ben Solo once more. Meanwhile Rey, terrified of becoming the Sith
Empress from her vision, retreated to Ahch To, where she could disappear like Luke Skywalker,
but his force ghost soon appeared, explaining he was wrong to have done so, and she must
face her fear and confront Palpatine in the name of the Jedi Order. Shown that there was a second wayfinder to
Exegol on Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter, Rey who already held Luke’s lightsaber, was given
the weapon Leia used in training, which she put down after having a vision that someone
would need it in the future. Armed with both lightsabers Rey boarded Luke’s
old XWing and left for Exegol. With Kylo Ren gone and Hux dead, the former
Imperial Officer Enric Pryde took command of the First Order and pledged himself to
Sidious and the Sith Empire. On his orders, Pryde launched an attack to
destroy the planet Kijimi, afterwhich a message was sent across the galaxy, announcing a new
Sith Empire and Final Order, threatening to destroy any planet which did not submit to
their rule. Learning that every Star Destroyer in the
Sith fleet had planet destroying weapons, the resistance lost hope, but R2D2 soon received
a signal from Luke Skywalker’s old Xwing, realizing Rey was leading them to Exegol. Seeing this as their last chance to stop the
enemy Fleet, the resistance formulated a plan and sent every available ship into battle. Once arrived they set out to keep the Sith
Star Destroyers from leaving the planet’s atmosphere, as this meant they could not activate
shields and remained vulnerable to attack. Although they originally targeted a navigation
tower which sent a necessary signal, Pryde saw what they were doing and shut it down,
with his ship the Steadfast taking over the task of leading the fleet into space. However Finn, having recently discovered he
was force sensitive, felt what happened and redirected their attack to the Steadfast,
successfully preventing them from breaking atmosphere. Yet even so, the resistance had no chance
of victory on their own, and so awaited Lando and Chewie on the Falcon, who put out a galaxy
wide call for reinforcements. As all this occurred, Rey met with Sidious
in the throne room, where the full extent of his plans were at last revealed, explaining
that the power of all past sith lived within him, and if she struck him down, it would
pass into her so she could rule as Empress of the galaxy. With Sidious having lost so much of his strength
after falling to Darth Vader, he planned for the new Sith Empire to be led by a new apprentice
and heir. Although this role might was originally reserved
for Rey, her parents helped her evade capture as a child, and so it instead went to Kylo
Ren, who Palpatine groomed to be a Sith Lord. Yet even though he passed the final test by
killing his master Snoke, Kylo was unable to fully commit himself to the Dark Side,
and so now Palpatine offered Rey the chance to become heir to the Sith legacy. Though she did not want to accept, she might
have if only to take command of the Sith Fleet and save the Resistance from slaughter, but
the arrival of Ben Solo gave her renewed strength and she refused to kill the Emperor. Taking on the Sovereign Protectors with Leia’s
lightsaber, Rey transferred Luke’s Lightsaber to Ben who swiftly defeated the Knights of
Ren to join her in the throne room. Disappointed by both his potential heirs,
Sidious seized them and soon realized that the bond between them was a Diad in the force,
so powerful it could restore his body and making him stronger than ever. Abandoning his plans to take an heir, Sidious
drained Rey and Ben of their force powers and relished in his new abilities, tossing
Ben Solo into an abyss before launching a savage lightning strike into the sky above,
causing great damage to the last resistance ships fighting alongside thousands of reinforcements
from all across the galaxy, who answered the call and came to fight for their freedom. Sidious stopped when Rey stood to face him
after summoning the spirits of Jedi past to give her strength for one last confrontation. The Dark Lord, claiming to represent the power
of all Sith launched a final lightning assault against Rey, but with the help of both Luke
and Leia’s Lightsabers, she in turn harnessed the power of all the Jedi and reversed the
attack, physically destroying the Emeperor. Though Rey did not survive the battle, Ben
Solo did and sacrificed his own life to bring her back. With the First Order, Last Order and Sith
Empire defeated, the survivors of the Battle on Exegol spread word of their victory leading
to celebrations across the galaxy, but Rey still had one more mission to accomplish,
visiting Luke’s childhood home on Tattooine, where she buried his and Leia’s lightsabers. When asked her name by a local, the force
ghosts of Luke and Leia appeared, the last Jedi, proudly called herself Rey Skywalker.