Hello everyone, my name is AZZATRU how are
you and welcome to another star wars gaming video. In this video I shall be talking about what
games we would like to see EA make in the coming years but have a bit of realism to
the discussion. As 2020 has just started and no ea star wars
game has been confirmed to release this year, I thought now would be a good time to talk
about future star wars games we want to see whilst remaining realistic and share some
facts. I won’t be talking about any of the LEGO
or mobile games in this video as they are not star wars gaming experiences like battlefront
or fallen order. EA have the exclusive console game license
until 2023 meaning there is probably around 3 or 4 big star wars games in development
and coming in the next 3 years and we all have some dreams of what they could be. Games have become more expensive to make and
sometimes take longer to produce nowadays and we’ve not had many EA Star Wars games
since EA completed their first game, star wars battlefront, back in 2015. A big issue people have had is the lack of
games from EA and this year will bring that argument up again due to the potential lack
of an EA Star Wars game this year. 2020 is a dawn of a new generation though. The next Xbox and PlayStation 5 will bring
new power to developers allowing them to create games beyond what we’ve seen before and
EA will be using that to their advantage. Something to consider is releasing a game
at launch for a new generation of consoles brings a few negatives. The first batch of games tend to be shallow
and it takes a year or two before the full potential of the hardware specs are taken
advantage of. The worst thing is the fact they have to develop
for 2 more consoles. If EA were to release a new star wars game
in November this year, they’d have more performance in the new consoles and PC to
make it awesome but development resources would be spent reducing its spectacle for
ps4 and xbox one. Battlefield 4’s launch is prime example
of what goes wrong when you have 5 platforms to make for and test. These reasons could be a factor as to why
new star wars game may not release this year. I’ll get started by taking a look at the
state of EA Star Wars before getting into what is in the works. EA and DICE are going to be supporting Battlefront
2 for the foreseeable future and a sequel is not on the table, at least for a few more
years. Some people seem to think a battlefront 3
is happening this year or next year but that is not the case. With new content and a big playerbase, DICE
have cemented Battlefront 2 as the core star wars multiplayer game. Jedi Fallen Order released last year bringing
many of us what we wanted for so long, a strictly single player story game. Respawn have started work on a sequel which
I doubt we will see release until 2022 due to the scale of a game like this, time to
take advantage of the new consoles and having it release a month before the next star wars
film. This is now a sub series, much like battlefront. Let’s talk specific games now. So we have a subseries dedicated to lightsaber
and force combat and large scale infantry warfare but there are other areas of star
wars not done justice in games for some time. I think 3 of the most asked for types of games
are an open world sandbox, an RTS and a starfighter combat game. Vehicles are a huge part of star wars and
we’ve had dozens of games such as podracing to the beloved X-Wing series. Starfighter Assault is a great mode in battlefront
2 but is limited to the scope of it being an addon to battlefront 2 and lack of development
resources and interest has kept it from having advancements. If a studio like criterion were to make a
standalone starfighter or even just general ships game a lot of casuals would still be
interested in picking it up. I think this is an area star wars has been
lacking in recent times. The new films didn’t give us what we wanted
in terms of space battles neither are games. Rebellions are built on hope. I know a few will ask about criterion and
if they’re making a new game. The good news is since they left battlefield
v firestorm last year, they have developed a new game. Sadly, it is not star wars as far as we can
tell but a new IP. Now let’s talk open world games. With the loss of Star Wars 1313, project ragtag
and the fully open world project orca, the hope of a proper star wars sandbox experience
is all but dead for now. Open world games take several years to make,
EA can’t just whip one up in no time. All parties including EA, Lucasfilm and Disney
are to blame for the demise of the cancelled games but maybe, just maybe there will be
an open world star wars game someday. I think the improvements to CPU and memory
in the new consoles could rejuvenate the possibility of an open star wars word. Having said that it is important to remember,
Project Ocra the proper open world game, was cancelled in early 2019 for a smaller scale
version. Kotaku reported it is aiming for a late 2020
release date for the next gen consoles. But this was not a given and it could release
after late 2020 plus we’ve heard nothing, literally nothing about this project in almost
12 months so I’m sure things have been moved around. EA Motive Vancouver are hiring people but
not many and 2 of the job listings are for a live service competitive shooter which might
be the current Plants vs Zombies game. That is not a single player star wars story
game so I’d bet on it not coming in 2020. EA did say recently a big star wars game will
come in 2021 or 2022 so maybe this coming in 2021. These cancelled games would explore bounty
hunting, smugglers and the villainy of star wars. The Mandalorian gave us a good taste of it
but I think games would be the best form of media to help tell a story in the crime world. EA, please give us it. EA studios are working on star wars games
right now, specifically EA Motive Montreal. They have been hard at work on a new to quote
“very unique star wars experience” game since battlefront 2’s release. I have no idea when we will see it release
because there is absolutely no information about it. I really hope it is another single player
experience that is different from fallen order and battlefront can provide. I don’t care the era, I just want a fun
star wars game with a canon story and maybe some multiplayer to it depending on the type
of game. Star Wars Empire at War is a classic and if
we were to get a brand new RTS that covers all eras I would be extremely excited. A brand new Star Wars RTS would be incredible
to see but I just don’t think we’ll get one for a very long time which is sad. Same goes for something like a republic commando
spiritual successor. A singleplayer only story in first person
would be cool but I’m not sure the wide scale hunger is there especially with Battlefront
being the shooter game even if its mostly pvp. Plus there are no ea shooter studios free
to make this now. Having said that, it would be a game many
of us would want. ILMxLab finished up Vader Immortal, the VR
series and it was so much fun and the story was great. My hope is a new star wars game or experience
for VR is being made. A new old republic era game is something a
lot of people would like to see but the old republic mmo is showing no signs being discontinued
any time in the near future plus Lucasfilm are still working out the era’s place in
canon suggesting no game from that era is on its way unfortunately. As for a new MMO, it won’t happen. They cost so much to make and the gaming landscape
has changed. As for when we can start to hear more about
new games, it is going to be a bit different this year. Star Wars Celebration is not until later in
the year. EA Play in June is the first big event of
the year and if there is a new game coming this year, EA will announce it then. There is always the chance of leaks prior
though. Then in late August more star wars game news
will come from star wars celebration and possibly Gamescom although celebration would be the
event EA would focus more on. That’s all I have for you on what ea star
wars games we should get! Thank you very much for watching and I hope
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