squatting Slav TV hello my friends I'm here in Vancouver Canada where many crybaby protesters who are not even American citizens are protesting against president elect Donald Trump as you can see it is very cold and their little tears have already turned into ice let's go find out more what is this protest about it's about expression you are a physician to Trump's a racist policies that prevent you from certain nations from entering the u.s. okay so it's some kind of band yes well it's a ban on ambition I mean it's like terms just general stance towards immigrants which countries is he banning it's tough in muslim-majority countries in the Middle East I don't remember the exact list at the moment I think I think it's Syria Sudan Somalia Iraq Iran Libya and Yemen but I could be wrong well I don't need the paper I already know but do you think that if you were banned from Syria that they would protest for you to be able to go there probably not because they have their own issues yes but when are you planning your next vacation to Aleppo you know I like your here is this just for the protest or is this from Halloween what really is a slum and why so many people choose to follow this was the menu a time for the media to Jordan what do you think of this protest in the turn up just keep in check because right now they're protesting the government in Romania and there is maybe hundreds and thousands of people but here slow little people more people come to my donkey's funeral than here there was a crowd ten times the size of this last night so these things are popping up all over the place and I think it's just important to show that you know little little protests all over add up so you have a sign here it says what my name is very bad how do you know I am this alt rights okay well then continue there is a girl here dressed like a pumpkin who is going around telling everyone not to speak to us excuse me you can ask you a few questions about this squatting sloth TV more popular than BBC and CNN put together so you're protesting against hate speech I like your police officer some folks from right-wing organizations from rebel media know excuse me can we ask you some questions can I ask you a few questions or did she say not to talk to us okay excuse me can I ask you about your sign that is very funny I almost died of laughter who is Trump racist to people of color which ones this girl here she block free speech for everyone by telling people not to speak to me but she protests against fascism and oppression the irony is very very big in Eastern Europe we like very much Donald Trump he's very powerful man who crushed the Wicked Witch Hillary unfortunately this crybabies here do not share the same opinion and many of them tried to block us out today and not talk to us I hope you learn a lot because we sure did my friends goodbye