Hey you leaders, how do you feel,
Now when the hell, it’s closer fo’ real? When you thought you’re smarter, stealing
from us, Then you tried to shut us, by kicking our
ass. N’ you gave us freedom, ‘n the right to feel,
How is fo’ real, to live fo’ a meal. You stole our dreams and our hints,
You fight to make us, shabby tied in chains. You sold our country so you can live,
In your fancy houses, on top of the hills. Maybe you’re high, but never forget,
When you’ll reach the top, down you will get. Then you’ll beg for mercy, down on your knees,
Hopping Saint Gabriel will save you from these things. But don’t you worry, we won’t forget. The way you stoles our future, how down did
we get. Come on, my brothers, it’s time to fight again,
We should fight for the future, so they want do the same. ‘N no more other days should go away,
Before our swords will push them away.