♪♪ Han Solo:
Is this seat taken? Alden Enrenreich:
Han Solo is someone who grew up dreaming of one day getting to be a part
of this outlaw world. Beckett:
Heard about a job. Big shot gangster. Putting together a crew. You in? Chewbacca:
(Roars) That’s “yes”. Alden Ehrenreich:
The story is really about Han getting to see whether he can make it or not. Chewbacca:
(Roars) Alden Ehrenreich:
Chewie and Han’s relationship is almost like watching an
old married couple. Chewbacca:
(Roars) We’re just friends, alright? Chewbacca:
(Roars) You’re touchy. Emilia Clarke:
Qi’ra is this incredibly whip-smart, strong badass, kind of girl. Did you ever get that ship
we we’re going to fly away on? (Laughs) Lando:
Might want to buckle up, baby. Donald Glover:
Lando. He’s just cool. He’s a very smooth person. Everything you’ve heard
about me is true. Thanks love. Donald Glover:
Lando and Han don’t trust each other… I’m going to need half the take. Ridiculous. Grown ups are talking. Donald Glover:
but they have a common goal. Beckett:
This is a precision job. Everybody plays their part. Woody Harrelson:
My character does teach Han a thing or two. Beckett:
These people are not your friends. L-3:
Get your presumptuous ass out of my seat. Woody Harrelson:
If you’re going to be a criminal… Rio:
Starting the clock, 9.6 to the bridge. Woody Harrelson:
I’m a good example of the code you’ve
got to live by. Some of those rub off on Han. Let me give you
some good advice. Chewbacca:
(Roars) Beckett:
Trust no one. And you will never
be disappointed. Chewbacca:
(Roars) Oh sh… ♪♪