well here it is folks the new outrage campaign to boycott a company in this case the Home Depot because one man decided to donate to the bad orange man and a few people didn't like it and it started trending on Twitter here we are this is the headline from Business Insider furious Home Depot shoppers say they're boycotting the store and cutting up their cards after one of the home deep improvement retailers founders said he donates some of his fortune to trump's reelection campaign this is on cider with all due respect you probably need to work on truncating your headlines but that's that's us I thought anyway here the bullet points Home Depot scone founder Bernie Marcus plans to donate to president Donald Trump's 2020 re-election bid social media users started using the hashtag boycott Home Depot after Marcus commented on Trump in an interview with the Atlanta Georgia Constitution and on a journal Constitution the home depot co-founder donated seven million dollars to Trump during the 2016 campaign according to the Center for Responsive Politics the home depot co-founder Bernie Marcus is an avowed supporter of US President Donald Trump good man and that seems to be costing the home-improvement store at least some customers the billionaire's sparked an online backlash when he recently told the Atlanta journal-constitution that he planned to donate to the president's 2020 re-election bid Marcus said that while he quote didn't agree with every move Trump had made the president still had quote produced him more than anybody else that is injunctive fact he added quote if we look at hid in this country I would say we are better off today than we are where eight years ago or six years ago again objectively true by almost every measurable at least economic metric we could see Marcus retired from Home Depot back in 2002 and the company did not immediately respond to Business Insider's requests for common the businessmen who Forbes reports it's worth 5.9 billion dollars is no stranger to the realm of politics he became he become an increasingly outspoken conservative figure appearing once on Fox News to argue that Democratic politicians quote don't have any brains her family to support Trump's tax plan and when it comes to conservative causes Marcus isn't all talk for years the billionaire along with the early home depot backer Ken lagoon has func function as mega donors for the Republican Party Marcus donated seven million dollars to the Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign according to the Center for Responsive Politics but nonetheless billionaires latest comments appeared to a prompted calls on Twitter for a boy cards posting under the hashtag a boycott Home Depot hashtag Twitter users have criticized Marcus's hefty donations the Trump with some saying they plan to cut up their home depot cards and others throwing in their Lots with competitors like Lowe's and Menards they have this one from Tara Dublin Oh a blue checkmark nonetheless hey at HGTV this is another one of your sponsors and please just go with at Lowe's instead of at Home Depot from now on because you're my self-care whatever that means and II Behrman Bernie Marcus was one of trumps largest donors in 2016 giving 7 million dollars to trump campaign through outside groups he plans to financially support the president in 2020 hashtag boycott Home Depot none of these are really juicy never shopping Home Depot again ok cutting up my card and never shopping there again ok what this guy thanks for inspiring me to shop anywhere else for home improvement I cringe think of how unwittingly I helped the worst present ever over the past few years uh-huh all right all these tweets are subpar right now I guess that guy retired in 2002 before for my what from what from I've read about how they treat employees and when they spend their Lobby money I think it's better to boycott Home Depot tell my butt about Home Depot and Bernie Marcus he's a tactic director scenic designer and set designer builder prop maker fabricator at all buys a lot of supplies as you might imagine was an extremely home depot shopper until now Maynard's it is man you know usually when they feature Twitter they have some really spicy memes um yeah this Twitter game was not really strong but again we have yet again another fake outrage for boycotting Home Depot which will go nowhere because Home Depot is awesome anyone who does anything with their hands loves The Home Depot I think it's great you know I think honestly the thing I like about Home Depot weirdly enough is the smell I don't know the smell of I love the smell of hardware hardware and paints and things like that I don't know there's something oddly satisfying about it but that's just me I'm gonna continue to shop at Home Depot my friends are gonna continue the shop at Home Depot because they're not a bunch of whiny soy boys and hey good on good on this guy for supporting Trump and for continuing to support Trump because as he said it is objectively true that the country is much better off than it was the past six or eight years and trust me if Trump a fan when get Trump gets reelected in 2020 we're gonna have another four fantastic years for this country please leave a like comment and share this video if you've not subscribed yet please do so and hit the notification bell for updates of future content if you would like to support the channel please visit my donation links in the description of this video subscribe to my bitch shoot in case the worst habits of this channel enjoy my discord to join the community of this channel thank you very much for watching what we do here just go back back back