welcome friends Jane's corporate here corbettreport.com with your thought for the day and something that I'm sure did not escape the notice of many of my listeners in recent weeks is well stories like this one YouTube reportedly alters search algorithm after Las Vegas shooting the battle against misinformation continues yes as you've probably no doubt already heard the Wall Street Journal was reporting that in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting and the videos that were coming out on YouTube questioning the official narrative which we all know is just unquestionable unassailable YouTube has taken to altering their search algorithm to make videos like proof Las Vegas shooting was a false flag attack and others less likely to turn up in the search results are at least at the top of the search results so they are tweaking the algorithms to conform to a consensus reality and that is of course where this is all heading again this will be absolutely no surprise to my regular viewers and listeners I've been talking about it for years perhaps most notably and the revolution will not be YouTube where I was talking at that time about the earliest form of this crackdown that was going on at GU too back then with the Adsense all media purged that was happening already a couple of years ago and perhaps more philosophically in my FL and W episode on the library of Babel a very important episode that I hope people will listen or watch if they haven't yet done so but this of course raises the question yes okay well we know the problem we know that Google is not to be trusted and that they are altering search results on YouTube and of course on Google as well to try to suppress information like what you might find at the corporate report or similar outlets so what do we do about it how do we go about searching if it's not through Google everyone goes to Google therefore we must go to Google so I've had this question a lot over the years and especially recently so I thought well let's make a little open source investigation about it and I'll throw out some of the info that I'm looking at here for example I'm looking at this edition of counter markets which is a very important little newsletter that if you are not subscribed you shouldn't do so so I'll throw in the link in case you want to and of course it's not loading properly for me at the moment but here it is and counter markets trends and strategies for maximum freedom issue 8 for October 2017 still available and I believe the first issue when you subscribe is free complimentary issue so go and subscribe and take a look and in this particular issue one of the things that they're talking about is big text attack on free speech is spawning their replacements and so they're talking about the obviously the crackdown and Google and Facebook and other places for free information so they're talking about some of the replacements that are coming up including ipfs the alternative non world wide web internet infrastructure that's being created right now that is not sensible in the ways that HTTP are but if that's a little too heavy for people well there are still HTTP old-fashioned web sites that are at least on paper committed to to free speech and have different mechanisms for dealing with the types of suppression that we've seen on YouTube so talking about Gavin D tube and bit shoot and steam it and other places like that other social and video alternatives for people looking to get off of those infested platforms but as for search itself they offer a few alternatives here now just as a comparison I thought it would be interesting just to compare I just typed 9/11 into a bunch of different search engines just to see what would come up on the first page of results so of course Google here with about 290 million results is showing me the Wikipedia page first of course as it always does in this little fact box here which of course is just Wikipedia Lite and then you know history.com and the 9/11 Commission of course all you need the 9/11 Commission 9/11 memorial recordings of dramatic phone calls blah blah business insider Britannica so there you go that's exactly what you would expect on the first page of results from Google and just for fun I tried Bing and of course it's doing the the location identification it sees that I'm in Japan so it gives me all Japanese results you can switch over to English and find it's basically the same as as Google with the notable interesting exception here's a good three-minute clip worth seeing I haven't even look that yes but it does say the hidden truths of 911 so something at least mentioning 911 truth on the first page of results of Bing interestingly although I never ever used Bing I just did that for fun start page is one that I've talked about in the past and I interviewed Catherine Albrecht who is associated with star Paige calm to talk about this search engine I have used it for a number of years and it does well it it is a privacy protecting search engine so it is start page comm is enhanced by Google it scrapes Google results so you'll see its 9/11 Commission 9/11 Memorial Business Insider al Jazeera at the Atlantic so it's slightly different but pretty much like Google but it takes it doesn't give your personal IP address and all of that info to Google so this is like what screw –gel used to be people might remember years and years ago I recommended a site called screwable which basically ran your searches through Google but scraped all of your personal identifiable information so they didn't go to the Google servers so if you're interested in just protecting your private information from like your IP address from Google you can use a site like this X quick comm is related to start page my understanding at least in the past was that X Quick Start page was basically Google results and X quick was a combination of results from different sources yah-hoo and Bing and whatever else and Google I believe and but at this point it seems to be exactly identical it's the exact same results on start page in X quick so this again is just a privacy protecting search engine and if Google is a problem itself if the Google algorithm is being manipulated now to start excluding alternative media information which we know it is then these results are going to be tainted as well so you could have the same sort of idea disconnect dot mean I've never really used this before but I've just found out about it it's basically the same idea against top search engines from tack tracking your searches so you can search Bing you can search Yahoo without giving them your IP address or personally identifiable information you can also search DuckDuckGo on here speaking of DuckDuckGo here's the 911 results from Joe which again history com Wikipedia 9/11 Morial three-minute clip we're seeing interesting 911 on youtube 9/11 truth org makes it onto the front first page of results here so there you go I mean there's there is some difference there some difference here's another site that I do use occasionally this is good go for comm it has an independent media function you can search mainstream media you could search academic sites you can search products if you're shopping so you can filter your search this way and the idea here is independent media this index is specifically independent media sites like these sites some of which I think are good sites some of which I do not rely on for information but at any rate it's good to have a mixture and these are independent websites more or less in you know close enough in most cases so at any rate this isn't just ABC News or Wikipedia or what have you so if we search I haven't actually done this yet so let's just for fun let's search 9/11 through the independent media index filter of good gopher calm and we get results like this 9/11 Phillip Marshall and his two children silenced for telling the truth 9/11 accountability truth wiki 9/11 expose dossier 9/11 9/11 planes okay so there you go definitely not like the Google results no monster bleah so this can be a handy little tool i i'm just i think the independent media sites that it indexes is not quite large enough and sometimes you don't want it to be that specific sometimes you do actually want mainstream results if you're searching for a topic so that you can see what the mainstream is saying about a topic and sometimes you want both so i don't think this is a perfect system and by the way I don't think corbettreport.com is indexed here in the independent media so take it for what it's worth but anyway it's a good tool to know about when you're searching speaking of tools to know about here's one that again is completely new to me seer X dot me never heard about it before but I've just heard about it and just tried searching 9/11 well here we go it was starts with a complete Wikipedia second is 9/11 truth and then you get history.com and blah blah blah September 11th news 9/11 Commission you got wiki spooks in here you get 9/11 bloggers in here and get journal of 9/11 studies Patriots question 9/11 so this is an interesting search engine it's definitely combining some difference results from different indexes and getting some interesting results so definitely worth checking out and I will I'll experiment I'm always looking for new search engines to experiment with speaking of which here's one which came up in the discussion of my library of Babel episode on my website yay see or yes II or yaki I have no idea how to pronounce it why Acy dotnet witch touts itself as a fully decentralized search engine where there is no central server that's feeding results up to users it's a decentralized peer-to-peer index sharing network so every one node here is helping to to serve this information very interesting so I have not used I have not installed or used why Acy dotnet so I'm interested in feedback for anyone who has successfully done that and used it what are the results like do they provide anything of value this this is probably more along the lines of what we ultimately want if we want to start avoiding the centralized servers from which results can be scraped and analyzed and and get keep and get kept and basically fed through the the the the mainstream meat grinder so it's an interesting idea I just haven't used it myself yet I'm interested to hear feedback from people who have speaking of interesting new ideas there was a very good episode of rate of freedom swedux declare your independence with earnest Hancock on October 6th where he talked to at Jindal abuti to call on Papen sterlin lujon it was an interesting episode lots of good conversations here but Colin Pape specifically is the founder of presearch org basically a new DC or a proposed new decentralized search engine this one is at pre search dot IO and you can go there and take a look and basically this is a decentralized search engine that's going to be open and transparent with its ranking factors and it's going to be community driven decision making process it's going to be operated on a token ecosystem so it's going to have its own cryptocurrency token which will be distributed to earlier adopters to reward usage and promotion of the platform so like everything else that is is coming up in the next several years of decades get used to it everything is going to have its own cryptocurrency token and it will reward using these platforms so it will be basically a popularity contest between different platforms and the more it's used the more these these ideas will be worth than the more it will take off so it's a network effect and again if they can get millions of people using it it will be extremely effective I'm sure but the devil is always in the details so of course please do read the white paper and even when you do go to the white paper there's a lot of preamble about search engines and things in general before you get to the nitty-gritty of the nuts and bolts of how this is proposed to work so I do suggest you actually read through the the white paper itself and analyze it and I'd be interested to hear if there are people who are technologically inclined who who understand the nuts and bolts of what they're proposing here if they think this is worth pursuing or not so this is just to get you started as I say I think I generally I use start page or exquisite is not in the Google filter sometimes I do search for information in the Google filter specifically to see what they are showing and what they are not showing or if I need a specific mainstream resource this is still probably the most effective website our search engine for finding specific mainstream resources I find interestingly enough sometimes even when I'm searching a specific phrase within quotation marks so for people who are familiar with boolean operators in search engines between quotation marks you're looking for a very absolute exact string of words and I use that string in something like start page or DuckDuckGo and I don't find it the document I do it in Google and I do find the document it's interesting how that works so Google still is the most powerful search engine but of course that power is being used for evil just be evil as we know so interesting and I think the real point of this is we probably don't want one search engine we want a number of alternatives so that we can compare results because if we do end up with one place where everyone congregates any system can and will be gamed and/or controlled by the same old powers that shouldn't be Google started off proclaiming they wouldn't be evil and even if that was and I don't think it was but even if that was the intention from the beginning it certainly didn't last that long that way for very long did it so so I think the real point of this is to have many different options and don't always search with the same thing don't always go to the same site try some different sites always look for new things see your ex Tommy I've never heard of this but now I'm gonna start using it and see what kind of results I can get this is extremely important and more and more so as we move further and further into the digital age where people are more and more relying on information that they look up on their slave device or whatever on the fly if you are trained to use Google or YouTube as the search engine of choice and you keep finding the same results well you may be living in a filter you may be living in a bubble and not even realize it so this is important this is why I'm starting this open source investigation I'd love to hear feedback from corporate members leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments what search engines do you use what search engines do you avoid and what do you what do you have to say about these different alternatives looking forward to your feedback james corbett corbettreport.com