>>What you doin’ Ethan?>>You know being
bored because of the rain.>>Well, what do you want me to do?>>I don’t know.
I’m just depressed because of the rain.>>Stop being emo! Let’s just do something?>>Like what?>>Let’s Sneak Attack!>>Sneak Attack who?>>I don’t know.
Mom and Dad maybe?>>I’m too skilled and amazing
to sneak attack them.>>I do not think you can do it.>>What are you trying to say?>>I’m the master sneak
attacker and you’re not.>>Then you’re challenging me?>>If you’re really up for it
but I don’t think you’re good.>>Let’s do it!>>Okay, what’s the first challenge?>>I don’t know. Let me see. Okay. So, mom and dad are in there.>>What’s gonna my charge?>>I bet you can’t get mom’s
glasses without her seeing you.>>That’s super easy. I’ll show you.>>Where are my glasses? Can’t see anything without them.>>Okay. That was easy.>>You did pretty good. Fairly decent. Decent time.>>Do you think you can do any better?>>Yeah, just give me
whatever you … it is… you think of.>>Why don’t you get dad’s chair in there?>>Oooh! That’s a good challenge. Oh!>>What was that? I swear I heard something out there. What’s wrong with these things? It’s like it was inside the house. What is going on? I don’t see anything. You know I bet it was those boys. They’re out there always
making a big old mess. Crazy boys. Ohh!>>Do you think you can give me
something a little harder next time?>>Not bad.>>Where’s my chair?>>I can’t see anything. Where’s my>>I can’t see anything. Can’t wear are my gla– I can’t–>>That was so funny. We got them so good.>>Yeah that was too easy, though.>>Yeah I’m gonna need a real challenge.>>What do you think we should do then?>>How about me versus you?>>Hmm… It’s on.>>May the best man win fair and square.>>Well, I will.>>So, what are the rules?>>No rules. Just sneak attack squad.>>Fair enough. But whoever gets the most
sneak attacks in 24 hours, wins.>>Well, good luck.>>Oh, I won’t need it.>>What was that noise?
Sound like a bird or something. What was that? You missed!>>You’re not getting away from me! You better come back here. You’re not going that! Let me in.>>Not happening today.>>Nice try, Ethan!>>Ohh! I’m squashed! Ohh! Get me out in here! I’m stuck!
>>You won’t be beating me. I’ve finally got it.>>Are you crazy?!
Give those back!>>Come and get them!>>Where do you think you’re going?>>I got your tag!>>You can’t escape me! Get back here! Get back here!>>You won’t get away from me next time! Watch out!>>Ahhhh!>>Maybe the sneak attack squad
shouldn’t sneak attack each other after all.>>Yeah.>>Here you go.>>Thanks. Oh my god!
Did you see that? Cole taking forever to come out
here to do the end of the video. Seriously, where is he going? I’ve been waiting here forever. Cole! Well, it’s about time. So, comment of this week comes
from someone I can’t pronounce. But it’ll be down here. Here. Right here in the comments. “Big shout out to Ethan and Cole. Some of the girls in
my class likes likes you.” Hey, ladies.>>Thanks so much for your comment. Picture of the week comes from:
>>Gustavo Herrera Vega. That’s a cool– that’s like the cool,
like the mask, I like the mask.>>Yeah.>>I like the red more
than the blue so you pick your one. Thanks for your picture Gustavo. And if you haven’t got your dog tag yet, ask your mom and dad, and you can go to our Instagram
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