This is James Bullock with
Today we’re going to introduce the palm strike for personal protection.
The first essential personal protection skill we’re going to cover is the palm strike.
It’s the very first essential physical skill that I teach. It is a straight-line attack
that is very simple to do. I actually tell a lot of people that it’s
a high-five to the face. You just take your hand, and you plant it to their face.
The position that we use is a passive looking position, so it looks like I’m standing like
this. Especially me being a larger guy, if someone
encroaches upon me and I feel like I need to attempt to defuse the situation, I want
my hands up and I want to talk with my hands. I naturally do that anyway, but I want to
talk with my hands so I look like I DO NOT want to engage, because I don’t.
Let’s face it; we don’t want to get into these kinds of situations. Like I tell anyone else,
personal protection is like a seatbelt; it’s just in case.
You put your seatbelt on, not hoping to ever have to use it. Personal protection is the
same way. Palm strikes are very, very simple. You have
both your hands up, and go straight from right where you’re at, and you extend.
Notice how my elbow’s down. It’s not out. I don’t want to all of the sudden lift my
elbow out and then throw my hand out. I want to go from here…straight. If I turn
to the side, it’s just here — the elbow’s down — and I go straight.
Now obviously I’m doing this from a very static position. There’s no major rotation in it
or anything else. Just getting the idea that it is straight
is very important. Once you have that down, which should only take a few repetitions,
you’re going to extend. There’s magical way to do that; there’s no
exact, perfect way to do it. Just try to hit through the guy’s head if you have to.
That’s all you have to do, just try to hit through the guy’s head.
If I have Jesse come over here, my assistant, and he’s standing a little bit closer to me
— about right here — I don’t want to just hit him in the face, I want to hit through
his head whenever I do it. Just take your hand — there’s no special
spot to aim — you have certain martial arts telling to hit a certain point on the jaw
and try to attempt a knockout. Just take your entire hand and place it on
his face as hard as you can. That’s all you have to do.
I’m laughing a little bit because people make it really complicated. It doesn’t matter which
hand it is. I like to have my dominant side forward. It
doesn’t matter how you stand. You just don’t want to look like you’re standing
in some fighting stance whenever you do it. Just here…extend. Here…extend. Then when
you’re actually trying to put power behind it, extend all the way through no matter which
way you’re doing it. It’s very simple.
So once again — thank you, Jesse — it’s just here — elbow is down –and extend the
hand. You might want to keep your thumbs in a little
bit, but if you’re planting your palm on the face, you don’t have to worry about your thumb
grazing. If your thumb is out a little bit, you might
actually end up doing an eye rake of some sort or some sort of thumb gouge or whatever.
The palm strike is the simplest technique that anybody can do for personal protection.