Following Iran’s missle attacks on U.S.
bases in Iraq, former WH advisor Sebastian Gorka has issued a warning to Iran that Trump
will retaliate. Speaking to Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, Gorka
claimed that Trump will “unleash holy hell” and that the move was a “massive miscalculation”
on the part of Iran. The Washington Examiner has more to say on
Gorka’s claim: Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka
said he believes President Trump will unleash “holy hell” on Iran after the nation attacked
an Iraq-U.S. coalition base in western Iraq. Gorka made the comments while speaking with
Fox News host Lou Dobbs. “This is a massive miscalculation by the Iranian
regime and, paradoxically, we should embrace what they’ve decided to do because now they’ve
done, in the open, what they have been doing against us and our friends for decades in
the asymmetric warfare domain,” said Gorka. Gorka, 49, resigned from the Trump administration
in 2017 amid frustration with the president’s advisers. He told Dobbs there can be no doubt of the
threat that Iran poses to U.S. national security. Mediaite also said: Former Trump administration aide Sebastian
Gorka spoke with Lou Dobbs tonight about the Iranian missile attack on bases in Iraq housing
U.S. troops, saying President Donald Trump will “unleash holy hell.” Gorka told Lou Dobbs that the attack is a
“massive miscalculation” by Iran, even suggesting “paradoxically we should welcome
what they have decided to do” because now it shows the threat out in the open.