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Oliver Nutt, GDIT

The finalists for the Washington Pinnacle Awards were announced on October 13th, and we’ll be highlighting some of them until around the time the event takes place on December 8th.

Next is Executive Director of Marketing of the Year (Public Company) Oliver Nutt, who is the Vice President of Marketing and External Communications at GDIT. Here, he talks about his career turning points, career tips, key achievements and more.

What are your main achievements in 2020/2021?

When faced with a global pandemic, there has been no evidence companies and leaders can turn to on how to respond. For me and for all levels of leadership at GDIT, it was a compounding of leadership with empathy and empathy.

The employees have been managing and continue to face different needs and challenges in their personal lives. The combination of this focus on empathy and transparent communication helped bring our teams together, and it was great to be part of a company that has helped so many clients respond to the impacts of COVID-19.

For the Marketing and Communications team, the main achievement was pivoting quickly to continue serving the business by accelerating aspects of our digital strategy, looking for new opportunities to connect with customers and employees, and for creative opportunities to make a difference.

One of the initiatives I’m really proud of is GDIT STEMulate. In response to the challenges of virtual education caused by the pandemic, the program has connected thousands of elementary, middle, high school, and high school students and college-aged students across the country for free online technology training focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

One of the factors that sets us apart is the depth of our portfolio and the breadth of what we can do for our clients. We launched GDIT Perspectives, an online thought leadership platform, as part of our digital strategy to share perspectives on the technology landscape, stories about innovations and perspectives on key issues affecting our market. This has served as an important communication platform for both customers, partners and employees.

What made you successful in your current role?

Accountability and building strong and transparent partnerships across the organization was a major focus. Throughout my career, I have always focused my strategy on developing people and empowering them to make decisions. This allows flexibility and responsiveness, which is key when you’re branding and marketing at scale.

I have held the position of Vice President of Marketing and External Communications for three years now, and moved into this position shortly after GDIT’s major acquisition of CSRA in 2018. This provided a unique opportunity to reimagine the Marketing and Communications organization, our team culture, our brand and how the business has served us. .

Part of this journey is ensuring that marketing and communications are an integral part of the business strategy. By building trust and constantly demonstrating value, we have successfully established the marketing function as a strategic business partner.

One question that arises is how are we going to measure our marketing investments? We have put in place the mechanisms and tools to show the return on investment, such as the impact of the campaign on employer branding and hiring.

What is the turning point or turning point in your career?

I started working for General Dynamics in the UK nearly 10 years ago and had the opportunity to move to the US and lead the marketing and communications for our Federal Civil Division. This was definitely a pivotal moment, both professionally and personally.

Since that time, she has held several positions in the company with the autonomy to lead some huge initiatives, such as the rebranding of GDIT in 2019.

We focus on internal mobility and ensuring that employees have opportunities to build their careers within the company. I definitely managed to do this in General Dynamics. I am passionate about talent development, an area I focus on as Executive Sponsor of Aspire, our employee resource suite for early-career professionals.

It is great to be part of an organization where you can shape your career and have such diverse experiences. We really want GDIT to be a place where our employees feel they can grow, own ownership and build rewarding careers.

What are you most proud of being a part of your current organization?

Being a part of the company during such a major transformation since the acquisition of CSRA in 2018 has been incredible. I am very proud to create a new marketing and communications organization while building a brand and marketing strategy to align with GDIT’s new capabilities and culture.

We have passed a period of continuous change, from complex organizational integration to pivoting with focus and creativity during the pandemic. The marketing team culture built on trust, accountability, and support that we built together has been the basis for many accomplishments, from completing a successful rebranding, recognized by the 2020 Rebrand 100 Global Excellence Award, to launching the largest national campaign in General Dynamics history.

What is your best career advice for those who want to follow in your footsteps?

Say yes to opportunities and don’t be afraid of failure. There may be times when you feel that you are not ready for the next step in your career, but say yes and welcome the challenge. If you’re not outside your comfort zone at certain points, you’re not learning.

Be curious and constantly look to learn from the people around you. I always try to stay open to new possibilities and ways to tackle challenges. This encourages teams to bring new ideas to the table and helps build a culture of continuous improvement.

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