Road to Commencement: Seretha Germany

Name: Seretha Germany

Required Qualification: Psychology

Minor: Biology

Graduation date: December 18, 2021

Ciritha Germany, who will receive her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the Penn State Brandywine Fall Commencement Gala on December 18, reflects on her time as a freshman at Brandywine.

Germany: I chose Penn State Brandywine because it was close to home. I also got a scholarship, so that was a deal maker for me. I loved the atmosphere when I came and walked around the campus. It was a small community and that’s what I wanted to be in.

I remember my first chance Brandywine gave me. Was from Career Services – email about training opportunities and workshops. And I looked into it and saw a workshop at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where you can learn about a position there. It was really a good workshop I was able to connect with some people there and went to work there during a seasonal semester. So it was really cool.

From the start, I participated in the first annual Mock-Con. Then I did some undergraduate research with Dr. Harel Levy. We have taught trauma in Chester community and primary schools, and then become a fellow teacher as of Fall 2020, which has led me to become the Lion’s Guide. I’m also the student government’s head of diversity affairs.

My highlight was working as the president of the Black Student Union, in addition to my other leadership opportunities. It’s a great takeaway. I gained a lot of leadership skills, made a lot of new friends and made my experience so much better.

I think my favorite memory of Brandywine was Welcome Week this semester. All the events we had, being the lion guides, meeting the new first year students, it was a good experience and it was fun working as the lion guide.

During the classes, what really surprised me is how overwhelmed you feel with the work you have and how excited you must be to get through times like this. This is what really surprised me about college.

For first year students, the advice I would give is to stay on top of your work, always seek help when needed, and take care of yourself. Just always take care of yourself.

After graduation, I will take a rest and travel. I will find a good job in this field until I find out what I want to do for graduate school.

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