Well, I think today’s event was horrific and
it will alter the lives of people involved forever. Not to mention the families who were
affected by the two people who were tragically killed and our hearts
and our prayers are with them all. And of course, as I’ve already paid tribute
to the amazing police for their response and those passers by who intervened. But this was an extreme events. But we cannot ignore that over recent years. Certainly the last five years, we’ve seen
increases in violent crime right across the country. At the same time, since 2010, we’ve seen over
20000 police officers cut from frontline services. So it’s right to recognise that that
would have a direct impact. And of course, we’ve got to invest more
in community neighbourhood policing and Labour has pledged to do that. The eyes and ears of our communities. We’ve also got to invest in counter
terrorism measures.