Hello rockstars, Coach V here. Today with a request. I have a request from a great client. She asked me to do a video
about an old expired listing and the person had the house
on the market about a year ago. It didn’t sell, so we’re gonna call them and he might come up with this objection. And the objection is,
why are you calling me? My house has been off the
market for about a year. So let’s go ahead and do this and before I do it, I
just want to remind you that of course you can make this call in several different
ways, several approaches and handle the objection in many ways too. So I’m going to just give you
an example, Coach V style, how would we do that, okay? So let’s go ahead and do it. Ring, ring, hello is this Mr. Jones? Mr. Jones I’m calling about your home. I notice here that it was
for sale about a year ago and I was wondering,
did you sell your home? No and who I am, you know
that’s a great question. My name is Vanda Martin,
I am with Caldwell Banker and the reason I am calling, Mr. Jones is, I actually have some great news for you. I want to let you know
that the market right now is so tight, is so hot, we having a lot of multiple offers. The price have gone up. So you actually are very fortunate that you didn’t sell your home last year. Because your home is worth more today than it was a year ago. And I have a quick question for you, I know you’re busy, I’m calling because I have some great people looking to buy. Plus also I believe I can help you. So let me ask you this quick question, Mr. Jones, if I brought you a
nice offer, great price today, would you still consider selling it? Oh I see, I understand, you not quite thinking about selling. I understand that. Listen, if I can show
you, if I can show you that I can sell your
home for a great price, even higher than last year. And show the strategy,
everything I do to get that done. Absolutely without a question that I can sell your home today and get you to your next place. The place that you like to go. Is that worth 15 minutes of your time? Okay, I appreciate, I know you’re busy. And no we’re not gonna list,
I just want to show you how much is your is worth
today and everything I do. And at home we’re gonna do
it to get your home sold if it makes sense to you. Is that okay with you? Is that worth 10 minutes,
15 minutes of your time. Excellent. Yeah, well my name is
Vanda, Caldwell Banker, yes. So let’s do this. I have some time open today around four and the next time open
is 6:30 in the afternoon, in the evening, what works best for you? Yeah it’s not gonna take very long. So can I meet you today at 6:30 pm. Okay great, okay great. So my name is Vanda Martin and I’ll see you there at 6:30 PM. Yes, no obligation,
we’re just gonna go over the market and how much
your home is worth. And then we go from there, sounds good? Excellent, thank you so much. Okay, so again, this is one style, okay. The other way you can say is I understand your home has
been on market for about a year and the reason I’m calling
is because I want to see if you are still interested in selling because inventory’s so low and
now is a great time to sell. So if it still makes sense for you, if you’re still interesting in selling, can we get together and go over your needs and priorities and put
your home on the market and get it sold as fast as we can. Again, you guys can go
direct to the point. I like the first approach better. Let them know that the markets hot. It’s actually great news that
he didn’t sell a year ago and now is the best time. And the markets very
tight so let’s go ahead and sit down and see if we
can help you to get it sold. So I hope this helped you. I hope you guys are
practicing and role playing your objectionable handlers
and doing your best and becoming a Jedi. So (kiss) lots of love and
I’ll talk to you guys soon. Chow.