and a controversial comment someone posted on our Facebook page is sparking outrage tonight the racist remark on a story we posted about a burqini model is attributed to a city of Dearborn employee but is he the one to blame 7 Action News reporter Jin Shawn's tracked down the man many now want fired the city of Dearborn is taking this very seriously the mayor telling us those remarks go against the city's values an investigation is currently underway we spoke to that city employee he denies posting a comment did not come for me valerian says his Facebook account was hacked when a racist comment was posted on our channel 7 story about a burqini model this post coming from Larry ins page where he publicly identifies as a Dearborn City employee says quote cute picture should be on the cover of camels R Us in a statement care michigan notes that a reference to camels is a racial slur used against Muslims and people of Arab ancestry for someone to like just say that in the open I wonder what he says behind closed doors especially you work for the city of Dearborn where the majority is Muslim Tarek Salah started a petition to have Larry and fired he works part-time as a surveyor with the city's engineering department in a statement Mayor John O'Reilly jr. says quote I have zero tolerance for the type of language used in the Facebook comment he goes on to say that while the comment wasn't posted during city business hours it violates city practices solid took down the petition Monday after gaining 120 signatures we're all about forgiveness many are still calling for Larry ins removal Kerr wants the city to reprimand him people are are offended by this post do you understand why but but it didn't come from you no it didn't come from me now at this time Larian does remain employed by the city of Dearborn a spokesperson tells me the city does have a social media policy in place and its employee handbook however that's currently under review to read the mayor's full statement you can head to our web site in Dearborn tonight Jen chants 7 Action News all right thank you so much Jim