let you guys know that I will link below all of my socials and all of Chez socials and yeah I hope you guys like the video let me know if you think we can make one eventually yeah Indianapolis right okay I couldn't find ride so instead we're making you interrupted small protest signs and we're either gonna carry them around with us all day we're gonna protest in the hallways from clubs to you or we're going to just stick them on us from Tom to you oh we don't want to cover up sisters oh okay so my inside mine says if you've got to start sometime why not now see ya I'm not finished dear humans you are weapons of and it'll be finished in a little while Ashley's watching Rebecca we're about to close is the front part of my sign we gotta start sometime why not now so start now right here's my sign it says dear humans who are weapons of mass destruction sincerely the earth and I made it rainbow and then this is the back part of my sign it says if you've got to start somewhere why not here and then the AIDS on the here is a factory like releasing pollution so my back is really excited we will take pictures of the finished second lunch and it's now twelve o'clock and the protestors started so get on our protest signs yeah so my force our you so much for our is culinary and we do these things called teacher lunches so some Fridays we like make up a meal for our teachers and they can like buy them and it's just it's really cool and they love the food always and so Cinco de Mayo we're doing tres de Mayo since you know we can't serve lunch on a Sunday so we made burritos like months monstrous burritos and yeah I don't like Mexican food nothing against anybody it's just not my favorite this is the burrito size of my face so yeah yes oh this is Emma this is my friend she's not in the foreign power but she came to help with the teacher lunch because it's totally chaotic oh yeah sorry for all the yelling in the background it's a payout of day yeah we just started protesting today me and Shea we'll be back later and we're going to be in the hallways she doesn't renewing so we stand for what we stand we stand for but we said we stand for what we stand for what cut into fifth hour and there should be yes and we have a lab and some so basically we're headed we're doing a makeup lab and fits our look for more with each today around the nation climate change and I suggest you guys do some research about it it's a big thing that affects our world and you may not notice it very much but in a few years it's just going to keep building up and building up and you guys could do something to change it and so if you guys want to like to camp with us we're gonna we're making a YouTube video and we're gonna do we're doing a vlog and so we're going around the school one we're like can't be there protesting it we're bright yeah so if you guys want to camp with us please do it if you don't that's fine continue what you're doing we're gonna say we stand for what we stand on okay okay you can say it in your head if you're embarrassing but it's kind of the concept of global warming and like industrialization and everything like that is called the receptor to rise oh and if you wouldn't know when our signs say mind says if you gotta start somewhere why not start here and then this side says if you've got to start at some time why not now and then 1 2 3 4 we're gonna protest in 7th hour but unfortunately my Spanish project took too long so we didn't bye thanks for joining us today we went a little over 2 o'clock but yeah we're very happy we did it we're super excited and I really hope so I'm on the bus right now and my bus driver is not allowing us to take a video of us protesting even if it's just of me although I literally no one behind me cares so we're gonna do it anyways and she's just gonna have to be okay with it because okay so she has a list of rules up there all right and we would only just read through every single one of them one of them and not once does it say that we may not videotape and that others may not videotape so okay you guys ready oh yeah okay so just stick it out in the aisle a little bit okay here we go there's nothing we stand for what we stand on we stand for what we stand on we stand for what we stand on