dozens of community members are protesting the death of both of John they met outside Dallas Police Headquarters Fox 4s Ashley / Etta's is live with more protesters are demanding that our legal system be fair they began their protests here at DBD headquarters then they walked over to Southside flats apartment complex which is just a little more than a block down the street the demonstration was organized by next generation Action Group the purpose for their meeting is to send a message that they want justice for Bo both Amjad was shot and killed inside of his apartment by Officer amber Geiger Thursday night she has been charged with manslaughter which has many people outraged they are calling for more serious charges I'm tired of black meg Meg heal like this like dogs this man was killed in his home you know he wasn't doing anything wrong here he didn't have a criminal record he was intelligent male it's a simple man and you know everyone spoke highly of him so for him to be killed in his home like this it's it's not right it's not right police mounted on horses followed the crowd at one point some type of tear gas was thrown on the grass to help control them now demonstrators say this is just the beginning they will continue to protest until their voices are heard that's all for now Ashley Perret is 4 good day