overnight to candle-lit vigil in the
center of the bid held for those who died in Kiev’s
Independence Square many the victims came from this city
they’ve been in the vanguard the protests it’s a city already in open
revolt against President gennaco bitch their feelings about him Ella could be
displayed on this poster medium a specialist in
the same people who said that we can pray this is
what we can do prayers can break stone and %uh the only
weapon against those metal machine guns but they have the headquarters of lives Regional
Council have been transformed since al Jazeera last visit the city earlier this year the barricades have
gone the protesters now have the reins of power inside there we found a leader the newly formed People’s Council
chairing a meeting to sort out the problems at the city the officials now all report to him he’s
assumed full responsibility for the fate to the region and its citizens waiting to join the
meeting we found Ukraine’s former education minister deeply worried by the divisive strains
now unleashed in the country to there is a real danger with her deputies in hockey is a meeting
to discuss separating from the country Business Review we found the only
policeman whose dad to appear on the streets a beloved this week the city’s police chief he’s
also just paid a call on the People’s Council and no he wouldn’t comment six police
stations here have been ransacked by the protesters but now the city’s self
defense forces have been sentenced to clear them up and
hand them back but not everything is being restored an
old soviet police post it here is warning that walls have years beneath
it all the saves have been broken open is estimated that
as many as 500 handguns have been stolen from police arsenals over the last few days outside the
station we found only contempt the latest deal
in Kia younger by choice and I don’t see the
point have any negotiations or trees too much blood has been spilled I want
to see them all at the International Court they
should get the death penalty about the president such radical
sentiments may be isolated here but the danger of a return to violence
cannot be ruled out