I want you to take a look at this video clip of Brittany Bowens she is the mother of the missing four-year-old Malia Davis she was leaving the courthouse proceedings for her ex-fiance Dorian Vance as protesters approached her accusing her of not doing it I have to protect these same protesters Ram her all the way down the street chanting Brittany bones came out of the courtroom she wore her sunglasses she did not speak as she stood behind community activist Quan LX he spoke for the mother he made statements they know where of the body is we're not sure how excited is all taken with the mother as well who initially defended her then fiance to me in an exclusive interview and then come to find out police believe he is involved surveillance images showed Ariane vents bringing the Malia home on Tuesday April 30th that's just three days before he claims she was adopted but the thing is police say she was never seen leaving the apartment again with vents the Friday he claimed they were all abducted he was seen leaving only with his son surveillance also showed him carrying out cleaning products a laundry basket and a black trash bag inside that laundry basket was later recovered in the trunk of the car now as you can see from the clip the protesters came out and their concern was Malia why this happened but most importantly why the mother didn't do enough to prevent it from happening I have to be honest guys I get really really upset when it comes to talking about stories pertaining to children the innocent who don't have a way to defend themselves against adults now I could spend my time talking about how disgusted I am by the actions of Darian Vance but Dave I'm gonna put that aside because this is for their emotions I feel inside of me are for Brittany Bowens and for other women out there who have children and have or are putting their children in the same position that I feel Malia was placed if I need for you guys to explain to me in the comments what would justify a mother breaking off an engagement to a man she accused of sinning sexually explicit photos to other men of himself but more importantly please help me to understand where in her mind that she feel it was okay to leave a little four-year-old girl home alone for days with the man she accused of abusing and molesting her daughter just to attend a funeral and I'm not trying to make light of the funeral because I can understand a daughter wanting to go home and pay respects to her father but would all due respect shouldn't the priority have been placed with the children who were her kids who were alive to make sure that if she was going to see her father out of town her children were placed with people that she trusted I mean please help me to understand it if you break up with someone because you're saying they're not good and that's basically what you're doing when you break up with it if you're engaged if you have a fiance and you break up now he's your ex-fiance you literally said that person is not good enough for me he is not good enough to be in my life so help me to understand what in her mind made her feel that he was good enough to be left alone with her daughter and her son no one came to Brittney bones with those accusations Brittney bones made those accusations allegedly to her ex-fiance the same man who dropped her off that did she let her kids go with and that's why he saw those protesters as long as I lived I've never seen protesters at a courthouse chanting against the mother or the father remember is the person who left that child with the person who did something to them I've never I've haven't seen it if you have let me know and that is why I am proud of each one of those women who left their homes to go to that courthouse and confront Brittany Bowman's now the question that I have is like I said why why did you do it Malia was not his daughter so what you're telling the community is you had more trust in the ex-fiance then you did Malia's father or grandmother or aunt somebody anybody on the family tree because for me as a mom and a grandmother I don't understand where you can place a potential molester alone with your precious child versus I mean what background to tell do people have if this is the person you felt you only could depend on I like to give my condolences to Malia's father and extended family members I want to thank my subscribers for staying with me on this channel while I've been away and to individuals who are new to my channel Sofia in life please go ahead and hit that subscribe button don't forget to hit the like button and most importantly leave your comments let me know what you think let me know if you agree with how I feel about this situation if you agree or if you don't agree I still want to hear from you take care of yourselves and I'll talk to you tomorrow