intimidating you say for the kids but also I mean what about the adults I mean they're targeting you personally and to some extent are they yeah so for a while we've had Hewitt Clarkson he's a liar here at class the stand down head to each was a liar now we have I am a Islamophobe a hater of Islam of course and but that's very inflammatory and that's very dangerous that's very sinister to say to children who have only ever known me as a head teacher I've been here nearly 13 years your head teacher is against Islam which is so important to the vast majority of our pupils that's toxic that's poisonous spreading of hate and whipping up a frenzy against me and there's whipping up of friends is against all kinds of people so there was a whooping of a frenzy against some people who came to tie ribbons on our own railings on Sunday night so that when the children carry it would be lovely and cheerful and there was a whipping of the frenzy about them that they were creating anarchy and that they had come into our area and that they had caused chaos and havoc was the word used they were tying ribbons to some railings so it was not havoc it's not chaos it wasn't a protest and they were they had extra know them so yeah it's hateful are you getting the help that you need I mean there's been talk of things like an exclusion zone around the schools that's um you'd like to see I would like to say that I wouldn't I can't believe I'm having this conversation you know three months ago when we really thought these conversations were possible about the primary school but that's how quickly things change Jess Phillips was here yesterday and she called upon everybody who can do anything about anything for an exclusion zone because what happened on Friday was a real pivotal moment for us we know you have a right to protest peacefully peace was an interesting word because it means don't hurt anybody don't damage property and don't threaten to kill any it's not really peaceful so we've had part of this for a long time and it's very damaging to everybody in the community the school's staff the kids the parents the vast majority of parents totally fed up people know ask us for paracetamol I said have you got any paracetamol we need to walk past this lot again we've had a community protection warning notice that's been in place for two and a half weeks but nothing's changed the lead test was asked to stop using a megaphone in this warning he's used a microphone almost every day he's asked to stop harassing intimidation people here as it intimidates people so that hasn't really worked I understand that minor step up to the next level but that's a council issue and it just always takes so long so if there weren't any other possibilities of stopping this no everybody wants to talk everybody wants an end to this everybody wants to understand but we cannot talk with people who scream outside our primary school and call me a liar and call me a hater of Islam it's just not the way things work you