Shout please to let the politicians know that you are here. A week after this slovak protest in Bratislava we will protest for recalling the government and the president of the Czech Republic. We want the same democracy as they have in Iceland! We want new faces in politics without a shady past and with full responsibility for their actions. It is necessary to bring new order to the world of mafia groups on the political level who are robbing ordinary people. We are going to fight against them!!! Gorillas to jail! I ask the representative from the movement “99%”. Fuck you!!! Ugh! My friends, please, listen to me for few minutes. In Iceland, we made success because we did not use violence! We don’t want violence !!! Politicians who came here, you should be ashamed!!! We are people, we are making a revolution! They are not! Peaceful revolution YES! Do not give up! Demonstrations again and again! You are my hero! Come with us! Throw away those badges and come with us! No more gorillas! Courage! Courage! Police state! Police state! Treason! Treason! Nobody of you deserves such a shame! I have been a policeman for six years. This gathering is under article 27 of the Criminal Code illegal… This gathering is under article 27 of the Criminal Code illegal… What is this good for!? Why do they do it? After all, they also have families on their own!