this is the National Assembly where some members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria popularly known as shades I'm just invaded the National Assembly they shot at a policeman and some other workers a lot of people were injured they tried to force their way into the National Assembly after breaking past the first stage we learnt that they've also gone down some cars security here it's really tight at the moment there's no entrance or Oh quick to mention that they are over 250 police sorry security officials here comprising of the army civil defense the police sudden that arms and all the security agencies here the National Assembly they were able to be enforced shortly after the policeman was shot and also some workers at nationals and we were also stoned we're working into the national assembly now to see some people who were attacked we lent the police van was also destroyed so going now to see what has happened with that as well meanwhile planner is still ongoing both the Senate and House of Representatives sticks this is all flying thank you for staying with us this far we headed towards the clinic where the policeman was rushed to as well as other victims those who are affected by the protesters the Shia protesters others been prevented from entering in I don't like the security of the teams who said the victims are currently be like tended to and do not need any disturbance at the moment the police keep you up to date up to speed meantime for this because all our social media platforms you can also visit w-w-w entries for news about this and more now we all for now thank you so much stay with us meanwhile tell us what you feel about this attack tell us what you think about in our comments you