it's unacceptable you must tell us now yeah yes or no this is ridiculous we're sitting here in a group of parents were feeding our children our children yes yeah you just violated our children I will not let that spin no way you must tell us yes or no what you're saying to me is you're not gonna do it that's what you're saying to me I'm not are you going to appeal this decision I'm going to work with our attorney right now you've proven to us all that you're not a man homework and I it's deplorable because if you played the sport of football you're proving that you weren't much of a student-athlete because you know what I got to tell you you got to put your you got to put your stuff on the line all of our boys all of our boys in this program unprecedented worked harder than you with Delaware work harder than me at Fordham I can tell you for sure that my son and all the boys here sacrificed way beyond way beyond all the other programs that we'd be send their son as a transfer student and wait 30 days and then pay the price to be a victorious champion that's what this is about it's a which what we're asking you to do is go and represent us yes sir so the stylist didn't get a thing well this is 20 oh there's a Bally parents they chirped and they got what they wanted and you know what we want what we want give us an answer now before we leave here so that's or not but it's really not a yes or no answer and I'll explain why there is a yes answer in